Conexant Rolls Out Single-Chip for Low Cost Satellite Set-top Box

5/20/2003 - Conexant Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CNXT), a worldwide leader in semiconductor system solutions for communications applications, introduced a new single-chip, system solution for low-cost, interactive satellite set-top box (STB) applications. The CX24152/5 includes all of the major subsystems required to implement the core system receiver and decoder components of an interactive direct broadcast satellite STB. The new semiconductor solution delivers the high level of integration and low-cost system bill-of-materials required by digital multi-channel television operators, enabling manufacturers to deliver cost-effective digital STBs that support a wide range of interactive consumer video services.

“Our new single-chip STB system solution is an important step forward in delivering the performance, integration and price point that manufacturers and operators demand,” said Jeffrey Crosby, vice president of Conexant’s Set-top Box Products business. “By integrating key elements such as the QPSK demodulator we can significantly reduce manufacturing costs. We have also incorporated a variety of middleware and operating systems in our development system to support basic and sophisticated interactive applications. The flexibility of our solution provides operators with the ability to cost-effectively develop differentiated services based on a common platform, and deliver programming through either basic or sophisticated STBs.”

Based on the ARM920 RISC processor, Conexant’s new single-chip solution has been integrated into a fully engineered interactive television STB development platform that includes third-party interactive middleware and real-time operating systems to provide complete STB functionality. The hardware platform comes equipped with fully integrated OpenTV, Alticast, Nucleus+, pSOS and VxWorks runtime libraries and driver software components. This platform represents a major advance in capability, allowing feature-rich middleware platforms such as Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) to be adopted by broadcasters at a low cost. Additional cost savings are achieved through re-use of core driver libraries, and a mature and robust STB hardware abstraction layer (HAL) that is suitable for multiple products and broadcast networks.

The CX24152/5 incorporates an innovative set of security technologies that greatly enhances the ability of broadcasters to protect their service against piracy. Using an advanced on-chip one-time-programmable (OTP) memory technology, Conexant offers broadcasters the ability to personalize individual STBs via the system integrated circuit with unique serial numbers and encryption features. This allows the broadcaster to secure transactions between the STB smart card and the broadcaster service decoder system. The CX24152/5 also includes embedded cryptographic technology to allow secure authentication of the STB system software that is loaded into the flash memory.

The single-chip CX24152/5 integrates an MPEG-2 audio/video decoder, an ARM920 32-bit RISC processor, a two-dimensional graphics accelerator, TV encoder, QPSK demodulator, channel 3/4 radio frequency modulator, a video/graphics display compositing controller and a set of peripheral input/output ports for STB front and back panel connectors. This high level of integration allows a complete satellite STB hardware system design to be realized with the addition of only memory ICs, a CX24109 silicon tuner and a CX20493 SmartDAA® modem line side IC.

Pricing and Availability
The CX24152/5 is packaged in a compact 27mm ball grid array (BGA) and is priced at $18.00 in high volume quantities. The devices are sampling now, with volume production scheduled for the third quarter of 2003.

About Conexant
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