Mindspeed Introduces DS3/E3/STS-1 Line Card on a Chip for Networking

5/20/2003 - Mindspeed Technologies, Inc., the Internet infrastructure business of Conexant Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ: CNXT), announced the industry’s first complete DS3/E3/STS-1 “line card on a chip,” integrating a 12-port line interface unit (LIU) with framers, mappers, and telecom application package (TAP) driver software. The M29320 will be the first in a family that enables networking equipment customers to develop higher-density multiservice switches, optical edge devices (OEDs) and other systems with greater scalability and faster time-to-market.

The M29320 is the industry’s first device to provide a complete physical-layer solution for flexible, high-bandwidth DS3/E3 services. The 12-port M29320 incorporates optimized functions to address DS3/E3 needs for efficient aggregation and channelization for transport applications.

“This highly integrated ‘line card on a chip’ enables our customers to enhance the flexibility and scalability of next generation WAN line cards -- with at least a 50 percent reduction in component count and 30-40 percent lower power consumption compared to multiple discrete devices -- enabling cost-effective DS3/E3 services to be deployed in both new and existing multiservice platforms,” said Ali Mesri, vice president of marketing for Mindspeed. “Leveraging our broad portfolio of DS3/E3/STS-1 LIU and multi-port framer and mapper products, the M29320 is a natural evolution of our leadership in providing our customers the product breadth and level of integration they need to get products to market quickly.”

The new device incorporates Mindspeed’s low-power digital jitter attenuation technology (DJAT) for solving difficult signal timing challenges surrounding the edge of the optical network, significantly enhancing the device’s performance, reach, power efficiency and diagnostic capabilities.

The M29320 is designed for applications including add/drop multiplexers/optical edge devices (ADMs/OEDs), WAN aggregation routers, and digital cross-connects.

Technical Details
Mindspeed’s M29320 products use proven complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology to achieve high levels of integration, and are designed to optimize cost and performance under diverse operating conditions (-40 to 85 C). Each channel can be independently configured to operate at DS3, E3 or STS-1 rates, supporting different protocols, and each can also be turned off and tri-stated for redundancy support and power conservation. The M29320 requires only one 19.44 MHz reference clock (passive crystal) or 77.76/155.52 MHz SONET reference clock for generating all the necessary internal line rate clocks.

The integrated DS3/E3/STS-1 LIUs accurately recover signals transmitted over 1800 feet of cable - far exceeding industry requirements.

Additionally, configurable transmit pulse-shaping capabilities improve interoperability within carrier-class networks and greater adaptability to system-level constraints to ensure compatibility with prior deployed equipment.

The DJAT portion of each LIU supports all major industry test standards, and operates on a configurable, per-channel basis in either line-timing or signal de-mapping mode, while eliminating the need for expensive and environmentally-sensitive voltage controlled quartz crystal oscillators (VCXOs), ASICs and other analog components. The DJAT architecture includes dynamic loop bandwidth control to simultaneously achieve fast convergence and very low jitter transfer characteristics in high jitter environments such as demapping and pointer adjustments, fulfilling SONET APS requirements.

The DS3/E3 framer can be configured individually and is capable of operating at 44.736 Mbps in DS3 mode and 34.368 Mbps in E3 mode. Each of the receiver blocks provides framing recovery and full monitoring for M13, M23, and C-bit parity DS3; and G.751, or G.832 for E3 formatted signals. In addition, the DS3/E3 monitors are located between the demapper and the DS3/E3 transmit framer to provide performance monitoring of the demapped DS3/E3 frames from the STS-12 SONET framer block.

The M29320 STS-1 framer monitors the data from the line and performs STS-1/STM-0 framing (A1/A2), full-section and line-overhead processing, defect detection and descrambling. In the transmit direction, it performs frame generation, scrambling and transport overhead (TOH) generation and insertion on a per port basis.

The M29320 DS3/E3 mapper/demapper block performs mapping/demapping of a DS3/E3 payload into STS-1 frames for SONET or AU-4/TUG-3, AU-3/VC-3 frames for SDH.

The M29320 STS-12/STM-4 SONET/SDH (TDM) block performs multiplexing/demultiplexing of STS-1/STM-0 frames. The TDM block receives and transmits data through one of two interface types: either the dual 622 MHz serial LVDS bus with embedded clock & data recovery (CDR) devices or the 8-bit 77.76 MHz parallel telecom bus.

Pricing and Availability
Samples of Mindspeed’s 12-port M29320 are available now for general sampling, with volume production by the end of calendar year 2003. The M29320 is priced at $360 in OEM quantities.

About Mindspeed Technologies
Mindspeed TechnologiesTM, the Internet infrastructure business of Conexant Systems, Inc., designs, develops and sells semiconductor networking solutions for communications applications in enterprise, access, metropolitan and wide area networks. The company’s three key product families include multiservice access solutions designed to support voice and data services across wireline and wireless networks, T/E carrier physical-layer and link-layer products, and ATM/MPLS network processors. These focused product lines are complemented by a family of high-performance analog transmission and switching solutions. Mindspeed’s products are used in a wide variety of network infrastructure equipment including voice and media gateways, high-speed routers, switches, access multiplexers, cross-connect systems, add-drop multiplexers and digital loop carrier equipment. Headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif., Mindspeed employs approximately 650 people with design centers and sales offices worldwide. To learn more, visit us at http://www.mindspeed.com

Conexant and Mindspeed are trademarks of Conexant Systems, Inc.

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