NMS Tools Power First Arabic Short Message Service for Fixed Line Phones

5/20/2003 - Bahrain Telecomm Company (BATELCO) has launched the first Arabic short message service (SMS) for fixed line phones using an enhanced services solution created by SysNet Integrators, Inc. based on voice processing and SS7 platforms from NMS Communications, trusted supplier of communications products and services. BATELCO's Bahraini and Filipino customers can send Short Message Service (SMS) text messages using SMS phone sets on their ordinary telephone line to other fixed lines in Bahrain and to GSM mobile phones in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world. SysNet supplied the SMS phones, hardware, and software that allow an ordinary telephone line to send and receive SMS text messages in Arabic or English to fax machines and GSM mobile phones.

"We've partnered with NMS for the last six years, and appreciate their commitment and proven success in offering the industry's most scalable and reliable enhanced services building blocks," said Joel Z. Sapul, SysNet's president.

SysNet's fixed line SMS solution is based on NMS' Alliance Generation® (AG) 4000 and TXTM Series system building blocks. The AG 4000 provides a cost-effective platform that offers unmatched capability for mixed media types to service a wide range of voice and signaling applications. NMS' TX Series provide powerful and flexible hardware for a variety of Signaling System 7 (SS7) applications. SS7 is often used as the signaling protocol for voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateway applications, wireless infrastructure, and for a wide variety of enhanced services such as SysNet's fixed line SMS solution.

"This marks the third, and most ambitious, fixed line SMS implementation based on NMS' platforms," said Critz Chan, vice president and general manager of NMS Asia. "We're pleased that SysNet and BATELCO took advantage of our experience in helping operators and communication equipment suppliers deliver enhanced voice and data services over wireline and wireless networks."

A staunch supporter in the advancement of SMS capabilities, SysNet (previously known as Ideawurx) used NMS' AG 4000 in PhoneTxt, its first fixed line SMS solution in the Philippines in 2001. The solution has been widely used by Globe Telecom and Philippines Long Distance Telephony Company (PLDT), the largest carriers in the Philippines. The PhoneTxt solution received the Philippine's Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) 2001 product of the year award.

About SysNet Integrators. Inc.
SysNet is a Value Added Service provider based in the Philippines that provides customized and cutting edge technology based on computer telephony software development. SysNet was the first to commercially provide Fixed Line SMS service via IVRS (on line texting) in the world. The company has extensive experience providing wired and wireless voice solutions based on SS7 stacks including planning, dimensioning, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

About NMS Communications
NMS Communications (Nasdaq:NMSS) helps its customers increase revenues and returns on investments by rapidly deploying new carrier-grade communications products and services. Every telecom operator and communications equipment provider on the Global Fortune 50 list relies on NMS Communications for technology-leading products and services, including system building blocks, systems, consulting, and support. Visit www.nmscommunications.com for more information.

NMS Communications and TX Series are trademarks of NMS Communications Corporation. Alliance Generation is a registered trademark of NMS Communications Corporation.

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