FairCom’s c-treeSQL Server Powers TeaLeaf Real-Time Web Application

5/19/2003 - FairCom Corporation and TeaLeaf Technology announced the completion of an agreement to allow the use of FairCom’s c-treeSQL Server with TeaLeaf Technology’s IntegriTea, a Web application management solution.

IntegriTea captures every user’s Web session as it happens, alerts application failures in real time, and can recreate as well as correlate failures to a user instantly. This solution delivers increased reliability, faster problem resolution, and ensured user satisfaction.

“The TeaLeaf solution is unique in that it does not simply track aggregate information. It gives one the ability to truly recreate exactly what a Web user experienced, which can be invaluable for the purposes of user interface design as well as audit and security purposes,” explains Randal Hoff, FairCom's Director of Business Development. “Although this requires IntegriTea to rapidly accumulate a large volume of data, the c-treeSQL Server has proven itself to be up to the task.”

Tim Knudsen, Director of Product Management for TeaLeaf Corporation, adds, "We reviewed every database option available on the market today. Only FairCom could meet the real-time and throughput requirements we had to deliver the TeaLeaf Web application management solution."

Developers such as TeaLeaf appreciate the benefits that the c-treeSQL Server brings to their applications. FairCom’s SQL solution is unique in the industry in that it allows both standard SQL relational model database support as well as c-tree's traditional ISAM/Low level access simultaneously within the same application.

About FairCom
FairCom Corporation has been providing fast, portable, and reliable database development tools to the professional programmer since 1979. FairCom tools provide the developer with the power and flexibility to quickly and reliably deal with all aspects of storing, retrieving, and updating mission critical data. For further information regarding FairCom or the c-treeSQL Server, contact FairCom US at 573-445-6833, FairCom Europe at 39-035-773-464, FairCom Japan at 81-0592-29-7504 or FairCom Brazil at 55-11-3872-9802.

About TeaLeaf
TeaLeaf was founded in November 1999 as an independent spin-off of SAP, and their technology originates from within SAP AG's development subsidiary. Several decades of staff years have been invested in developing the patented and award-winning TeaLeaf solution. For further information regarding TeaLeaf Technology or IntegriTea, visit their Web site at www.tealeaf.com.

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