FairCom Rolls Out Latest c-treeSQL Server, c-tree Plus

5/19/2003 - FairCom Corporation announced the release of the new c-treeSQL Server, a high performance database server incorporating a robust SQL engine built on the proven core of the c-tree Server. This new technology includes embedded SQL and interactive SQL utilities as well as JDBC and ODBC drivers. In conjunction with this release, FairCom released a new edition of their popular c-tree Plus embedded database development system with new VCL and CLX components for developers working in Borland environments and new C and C++ interfaces simplifying the development and management of databases.

Grant Robbennolt, FairCom’s Product Manager, notes, “Many of our developer-partners expressed a need for a SQL solution that complements the power of c-tree. FairCom’s c-treeSQL Server solution is unique in that it allows both relational modeled database support as well as c-tree's ISAM access simultaneously within the same application.” As an example, Robbennolt notes, a developer can use ISAM access to get data into an application quickly, and then use SQL queries (including embedded SQL and interactive SQL for end-users) to manage the data.

Randal Hoff, FairCom’s Director of Business Development, explains, “This new technology gives a terrific venue to Windows developers who can now utilize the embedded SQL or ODBC interfaces and move to FairCom’s powerful, proven server technology, without re-architecting their application. Additionally, the new interactive query utility—which is essentially a command line interactive query tool—allows a developer to easily prototype and test SQL statements.”

Early customers using the c-treeSQL Server have reported outstanding performance with the new technology. "We reviewed every database option available on the market today. Only FairCom could meet the real-time and throughput requirements we had to deliver the TeaLeaf Web application management solution," notes Tim Knudsen, Director of Product Management for TeaLeaf Corporation. Tealeaf’s IntegriTea is a Web application management system that tracks individual users sessions in real-time, using the c-treeSQL Server.

c-tree Plus includes c-treeVCL/CLX, new VCL and CLX data access components to give developers working in Borland environments easy access to c-tree Plus. Additionally, this release includes new C and C++ database API’s, termed c-treeDB, which significantly reduce development overhead for developers working in C and C++ environments.

This release of c-tree Plus includes a number of additional features to strengthen and extend the commercial developer’s power. The c-tree Server now supports partitioned files, which appear logically to be one file, but are actually a set of files whose contents are partitioned by the value of a partition key. This permits the data with a defined range of values to be rapidly purged or archived instead of doing this for individual records.

A redesigned server cache subsystem includes a new index mechanism that allows the server administrator to set the cache sizes as high as reasonably possible. It includes options for priming the cache with a file and keeping specified files in the cache.

New data filter options reduce access time when working with data subsets, allowing specific criteria to temporarily restrict access to those filtered records. In a client/server environment, filters may substantially reduce network traffic since only the records satisfying the filter conditions are returned.

c-tree Plus V7.12 is priced at $895 and includes development servers for the c-treeSQL Server and standard c-tree Server. Development editions of the JDBC, ODBC and native SeagateTM Crystal Report Drivers are also included. Production editions of the c-treeSQL Server and c-tree Server are licensed based on the platform and number of connections per installed executable. FairCom offers quantity discounts and flexible business models.

About FairCom
FairCom created Access Manager for Digital Research in 1979 and released its first true application development tool, the original c-tree file handler, that same year. Today c-tree Plus is running in over 100 CPU/OS environments in more than 100 countries worldwide. FairCom technology is embedded in software utilized by Federal Express, Computer Associates and Sharp Corporation. For more information, contact FairCom Corporation in the US at 573.445.6833; in Europe at +39. 035-773 464; Japan at +81.0592.29.7504; Brazil at +55.11.3872.9802, or see www.faircom.com.

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