Reasoning Rewards Quality Code with Awards

5/19/2003 - Reasoning Inc., the leading provider of automated software inspection services, announced the winners of its 2002 Code Quality Award. The award is given to organizations that have demonstrated a strong dedication and commitment to producing high-quality software, as proven by an extremely low defect rate.

Reasoning singled out companies with a code defect density, or average level of defects per line of code, of .31 defects per thousand. In comparison, the average level of defect density for all the software of companies Reasoning inspected in 2002 was .71 defects per thousand lines of code.

A total of 10 companies received the award, including (in alphabetical order): Baxter International, Gambro AB (a Stockholm-based dialysis and blood bank technology provider); HP; Hitachi, Ltd; IBM Corporation, NASA, and Rockwell Collins. Three other companies, who wished to remain unnamed for competitive reasons, were also given the award.

"Striving to produce high-quality software requires a commitment that reaches to the highest levels of an organization," said Williams S. Payne, Reasoning president and CEO. "Companies that have made this commitment are constantly looking for ways to improve their software development methodologies. One of the most promising advances in raising code quality is to inspect it early in the software development process. While we commend all of our customers for their quality initiatives, each of these award winners has demonstrated significant efforts toward raising the bar."

Automated code inspection services are based on a combination of proprietary technology and repeatable processes that eliminate the previously tedious, time-consuming job of manually inspecting code. The results of these inspections are objective and comparable across operating systems, vendors, and coding methodologies. Organizations that utilize automated code inspection services typically strive to reduce the cost of development, improve time to market, and increase code reliability.

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