U.S. Navy Awards Primagraphics with Aircraft Carrier Radar Contract

5/19/2003 - Primagraphics, the command & control, video and graphics specialist, has been awarded a major contract by the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWC-AD), the U.S. Navy's full spectrum research, development, test and evaluation, engineering and fleet support centre, based in Maryland, USA.

Primagraphics will be supplying its commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment for use on board the U.S. Navy's CV and CVN-class aircraft carriers and LHA and LHD-class amphibious landing platforms. The equipment will be integrated by NAWC-AD into the U.S. Navy's air traffic control consoles, which are used for control of rotor and fixed wing aircraft during launch/recovery and amphibious assault operations.

Engineers at NAWC-AD's St. Inigoes facility in Maryland needed a VME-based ultra-high resolution (2048 x 2048 pixel) graphics display controller to generate combined graphics, radar and video displays on the 2k x 2k flat panel displays used on board the ships. They also required 2k radar scan conversion and radar acquisition capability. Primagraphics was able to provide the solution.

Primagraphics hardware will include the Virgo radar acquisition card, the 2k Vantage radar scan-converter and the 2k Tiger graphics display controller. Primagraphics is the only company worldwide to offer 2k graphics on a VME platform.

David Johnson, product manager at Primagraphics, said: "We are excited to be supplying the U.S. Navy with integrated graphics and radar scan-conversion hardware to support this display application. Our commitment to open architectures has enabled our customers to incorporate software and hardware components from multiple vendors using standard interfaces and minimising custom development."

Primagraphics is a recognised leader in the development of processing and display systems for military and civil applications. Its systems, for VME, PCI, CompactPCI and PMC formats, are in use throughout the world for airborne and shipborne command and control consoles, vessel tracking, air traffic control and air defence systems.

Details of Primagraphics' range of cards and systems solutions are given on Primagraphics' web site at www.primagraphics.net. For more information please telephone +44 (0) 1763 852222 or email sales@primagraphics.net.

The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division is the U.S. Navy's full spectrum research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E), engineering and fleet support center. It is a recognised leader in the design, development and engineering of aircraft systems; shipboard, fixed and mobile communications; and information technology systems. NAWC-AD is based in St. Inigoes, Maryland, USA.

About Primagraphics
Primagraphics, a specialist supplier of graphics and video display systems for VME, PCI, CompactPCI and PMC formats, is a recognised leader in the radar and command and control markets. Its expertise encompasses radar scan conversion and tracking solutions, as well as compression, decompression and distribution of data (radar and TV video) across wide and local area networks. Founded in 1982, Primagraphics' European headquarters is located at Litlington, near Cambridge, UK. It also has offices in the USA and a network of dealers and distributors worldwide. Primagraphics is a member of the VMEbus International Trade Association (VITA).

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