Green Hills Revs up Engine for Ford with Optimizing C Compiler

5/16/2003 - Green Hills Software, Inc. announced that Ford Motor Company selected Green Hills Software's optimizing compiler and instruction-set simulator to develop the engine-control software for the Lincoln Aviator automobile, one of their newest SUVs. The software, written in C, runs on a Motorola PowerPC 555 processor inside the Aviator's engine-control module.

The Lincoln Aviator's engine-control module performs two basic functions: it controls the fuel injection system to maximize combustion efficiency and boost fuel economy and it regulates exhaust emissions to ensure compliance with federal and state emissions standards.

"Today's automobiles are increasingly dependent on rock-solid embedded software to deliver optimal performance and reliability," said Christopher Smith, vice president of marketing at Green Hills Software. "We're excited that our compilers will play such a vital role in making the Aviator one of the industry's most technologically advanced SUVs."

The fuel injection system is controlled by monitoring the mass airflow rate, adjusting for environmental parameters such as humidity and elevation and then using this information to determine the amount of fuel that is sprayed by the fuel injection system into the carburetor and to fire the spark plugs. Emission control is handled by sensing emissions in the exhaust and using that information to adjust the exhaust gas recirculation and fuel injection.

More on Green Hills Software
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