Agilent Technologies Debuts IGBT Gate Drive Optocouplers for Inverters

5/13/2003 - Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) introduced the Agilent HCPL-3020 and the Agilent HCPL-0302, 0.2 amp gate drive optocouplers for low-power industrial inverters and inverter-controlled consumer appliances. Typical applications include air conditioners, washing machines, induction heaters for sealed range tops, and a wide variety of AC and brushless DC motor drives, inverters and switching power supplies. These new devices complement Agilent's existing family of gate-drive optocouplers with 0.4 A, 0.5 A and 2.0 A drive capacities.

The Agilent HCPL-3020/HCPL-0302 optocouplers are an excellent low-cost alternative to high-voltage integrated circuits (HVICs) for IGBTs. Unlike HVICs, Agilent's optocouplers, with their superior galvanic isolation, support a microcontroller that is fully isolated from the high-voltage portion of the inverter to help protect the user from shock hazards. The Agilent devices feature a proprietary internal Faraday shield, which provides the best common-mode rejection (CMR) performance of any competing isolation solution.

"Agilent's HCPL-3020 and 0302 enable designers to meet the combination of high CMR, wide operating temperature range and fast switching required for low-power industrial inverters and inverter-controlled consumer appliances," said Kheng-Jam Lee, worldwide marketing manager of Agilent's Isolation Products Division. "The new devices extend Agilent's line of gate drive optocoupler products, already the industry's broadest, and we are leading the industry in delivering these new products to our customers."

The HCPL-3020 and HCPL-0302 incorporate a GaAsP LED optically coupled to an integrated circuit with a power output stage. Their technical specifications include 0.2 A minimum peak output current, high-speed response with 0.7-microsecond maximum propagation delay, and an ultra-high CMR of 10 kilovolt/microsecond at a common-mode potential of 1000 V. The optocouplers also feature an operating temperature range of -40 C to +100 C, and a wide 10 V to 30 V power supply voltage over the full temperature range. Their bootstrapable supply current of 3 mA maximum eliminates the need for an expensive isolated power supply.

Superior isolation permits the HCPL-3020/0302 gate drive optocouplers to meet the most widely accepted international safety regulations. They are recognized under UL1577; approved under CSA Component Acceptance Notice No. 5; and approved according to VDE 0884/06.92 (including Certificate R9650938 for TUV/Rhineland).

U.S. Pricing and Availability
The HCPL-3020 is supplied in an 8-pin dual-inline package (DIP), and the HCPL-0302 in the SO-8 miniature surface-mount package. The HCPL-3020 is immediately available and the HCPL-0302 will be available in June 2003 through Agilent's direct sales channel, and through Agilent's worldwide distribution partners. Pricing in 10,000-unit quantities is $0.69 for the HCPL-3020 and $0.73 for the HCPL-0302. More information is available at

About Agilent Technologies
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) is a global technology leader in communications, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis. The company's 35,000 employees serve customers in more than 110 countries. Agilent had net revenue of $6 billion in fiscal year 2002. Information about Agilent is available on the Web at

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