Sony Network Digital Recorder Powered by intent Multimedia Platform

5/13/2003 - Tao Group announced that its intent® Multimedia Platform is being used for Sony's new Network Digital Recorder, NDR-XR1, announced on April 3 of this year. NDR-XR1 is a product in Sony’s newly branded "CoCoon" product group which is targeted at home network use to provide a new Audio-Visual entertainment experience in Japan. intent delivers incredibly fast JavaTM functionality to the NDR-XR1 and enables a rich, graphical user interface (GUI). intent now powers a variety of products such as a digital video camera from JVC, Kyocera’s next generation PDA "PocketCosmoTM", and Philips’ "iPronto" remote controller.

intent allows consumer electronics manufacturers to develop an integrated GUI image with a single look-and-feel across entire device portfolios in the embedded products market. Because intent is independent of operating system, hardware and programming language, it allows manufacturers the freedom to choose different building blocks for each device whilst maintaining cross-device functionality, single look-and-feel and single GUI image.

Tao’s range of Java products have been designed from their inception to combine the Java language with Tao’s multimedia platform to run real-world content many times faster than any alternative. intent is also the ratified core technology in the Open Contents Platform Association (OCPA), launched in Japan during October 2001.

Francis Charig, Chairman and Chief Executive of Tao commented: "Sony is correctly perceived across our industry and among the consumers themselves to be a ‘blue ribbon’ brand and we are excited to see our innovative technologies powering Sony’s prestigious new product."

About Tao Group
Tao has developed intent®, a binary portable, language independent, high performance, multimedia platform that is now used by many of the world’s leading OEMs in their client products for home and mobile networks. The technology allows these companies to have a single strategy across all of their platforms, irrespective of operating system, hardware and function. intent is now being used in products including smart mobile appliances and digital television. The Company was founded in 1992, has offices in the United States, Europe and Japan and counts Mitsubishi, Sony, Motorola, NEC, Kyocera, Sharp and Bowman Capital Partners amongst its investors. Tao has a growing and high value, global patent portfolio and is the recipient of multiple industry awards, both for its technologies and for the rate of corporate growth.

intent is a registered trademark of Tao Group Ltd.

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