Sun Rolls Out Java Card Protection Technology to Reduce Evaluation Time

5/13/2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW) announced the release of the first Java Card System Protection Profile. This Protection Profile reduces the time and cost for Java Card licensees to complete security evaluations under Common Criteria. Sun will provide a reusable set of security requirements specifically for the Java Card platform. Java Card products evaluated using Common Criteria provide licensees with the ability to meet the increasing demand by banks, governments and other card issuers for security evaluations.

Common Criteria was developed in 1996 as the combination of the Canadian Criteria, Federal Criteria and Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria (ITSEC) to provide standards for security evaluation of IT products that would be accepted in the international community. For examples, Common Criteria evaluation is required for digital signature cards in Europe and as national identity cards in various countries. As the process evolves, and more products become available with Common Criteria certification, its adoption continues to expand. The Common Criteria process was designed to support the specification and procurement of products with security attributes which enables secure international commerce and communication.

"Java Card technology is the most cost-effective, capable and secure technology available in the market today," said Peter Cattaneo, director of Java Card Business, Sun Microsystems. "By delivering the Java Card System Protection Profile, Sun is making it easier for licensees to meet the increasingly higher levels of security evaluation that are being demanded by major cards issuers worldwide. This is another example of Sun ensuring that the Java Card licensee community has the tools required to address market needs."

The release of the Java Card Protection Profile is the result of two years of collaboration with the smart card community and security experts to provide Java Card vendors with a tool to help them address the growing demand for Common Criteria certified products. The Protection Profile streamlines the process and lowers the cost for Java Card licensees to introduce products that meet the security evaluation standards required by governments, banks and commercial enterprises.

Many Java Card products deployed today include card loading and management functionality based on the GlobalPlatform ( specifications. Smart Cards containing both Java and GlobalPlatform are widely deployed by banks and governments including the Visa member banks and the US Department of Defense.

"We believe that the demand for security certified products will grow rapidly and are pleased that Sun Microsystems has released the Java Card System Protection Profile to address Common Criteria certification," said Marc Kekicheff, Technical Director of GlobalPlatform. "We have been working closely with Sun to insure that the Protection Profile is aligned with the needs of GlobalPlatform members and the recently released GlobalPlatform Card Security Requirements Specification."

Java Card technology is the industry's leading open and secure standard for multi-application smart cards. With more than 50 licensees in 15 countries around the world, Sun's Java Card technology is the most widely adopted smart card platform. Together, licensees have shipped more than 300 million units.

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