Oak Technology, MedioStream Showcase Content Access for CE Devices

5/12/2003 - Oak Technology, Inc., (Nasdaq: OAKT) a leading provider of embedded solutions for digital imaging and digital home entertainment markets, announced that Oak and MedioStream will demonstrate a complete content access application for the Oak MaestroLink home media gateway solution, at CONNECTIONSTM: The Digital Home Conference and Showcase May 7 - 9, 2003, in San Jose, Calif.

Announced at the CES tradeshow in January 2003, the Oak MaestroLink gateway solution bridges the gap between the home DVD player and the PC by using a standard wired or wireless home network to enable the viewing of streamed video, photos, music, games, or Web content on the TV. By leveraging the consumer friendly interface of the DVD player and software for PCs, users can view media content from anywhere on their home network without buying specialized hardware.

The new neoVIEWTM application, jointly developed by Oak and MedioStream, gives the home PC user the ability to organize media such as home video, digital photos and music into play lists on the PC and preview them in real-time. This personal multimedia content can then be streamed in real time through an Oak MaestroLink gateway-enabled DVD player for viewing on the TV. The addition of neoVIEW to the Oak MaestroLink solution allows Oak to offer the industry's first complete, low-cost solution for networked DVD players.

"We are very excited to be working with Oak to provide a complete solution that allows end users to experience their PC-based media in the living room. We believe very strongly that the convergence of PC and consumer electronics technologies will be led by those companies that offer a low-cost solution that lets consumers use the equipment they already have in the home or are familiar with," said Dr. Cheng C. Kao, president of MedioStream. "We believe Oak MaestroLink gateway is the first such complete solution."

Oak Technology will provide neoVIEW to OEMs as an integral part of the Oak MaestroLink gateway solution and will enable:

In addition to the neoVIEW media access program, MedioStream's DVD authoring and MPEG-2 codec technologies are also incorporated into the OAK MaestroLink gateway solution. MedioStream's neoDVDTM is not only the fastest consumer software currently available on the market for burning video files to DVD; it also delivers faster than real-time performance when converting DV AVI files to DVD. neoVIEW takes advantage of this speed and the ease of use of neoDVD to provide a winning solution that leverages the existing PC in the home today.

"Oak chose to work with MedioStream because of their mature technology as demonstrated through their neoDVD product and neoVIEW is the final piece needed to provide consumer electronics OEMs with all the components required to ship a low cost and complete networked DVD solution," said Robert Lensch, vice president of business development and chief information officer of Oak Technology. "MedioStream's neoDVD combines high performance and speed - its core encoder technology is still the fastest on the market - with a very easy to use user interface. These factors, in combination with MedioStream's stated strategy to deliver applications to the converging home entertainment market provide Oak with an ideal partner. This supports the Oak MaestroLink gateway effort to offer OEMs the most complete and lowest-cost solution for connected DVD players."

In addition, MedioStream announced plans to supply neoVIEWplus, the first commercially available PC application for Oak MaestroLink enabled CE devices. The neoVIEWplus media access program extends the core capabilities of the neoVIEWplus application and is offered as an upgrade solution for end users. Targeted for release toward the end of 2003, the key features planned for neoVIEWplus include:

About Oak Technology
Oak Technology, Inc., a leading provider of solutions for the manipulation and distribution of digital content, is committed to driving the emerging world of connected consumer appliances. The company's fully integrated products and technologies target two key markets: digital imaging (advanced copiers, printers, faxes, scanners and MFPs) and digital home entertainment (digital TV, HDTV and PVRs). Oak Technology is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA and the company trades on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange under the symbol OAKT. Additional information about Oak and its digital solutions can be found at www.oaktech.com.

About MedioStream
MedioStream, Inc. delivers the latest digital video technology to the consumer market through innovative, simple and easy-to-use software solutions. MedioStream's digital video solutions include real-time authoring software and multi-format conversion options. As a leader in Host Signal Processing (HSP) technology, MedioStream pioneered the first real-time software MPEG-2 and DVD codecs, which can greatly enhance the functionality and features of digital VCR, DVD authoring, video streaming, and video editing applications. MedioStream is the first company to offer a complete end-to-end software solution that integrates real-time DV to MPEG-2 conversion with DVD authoring and burning, revolutionizing the ease and speed with which the average camcorder user can capture, edit, compress, author and burn DVD files onto their recordable drives. Founded in September 1998, MedioStream is based in San Jose, California. For more information, please visit www.mediostream.com.

Oak Technology is a registered trademark of Oak Technology, Inc. Oak MaestroLink is a common law trademark of Oak Technology, Inc. MedioStream, neoDVD and neoVIEW are trademarks of MedioStream, Inc.

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