Centurion Debuts Rugged Waterproof Internal Mercury Antenna for Cars

5/12/2003 - Centurion Wireless Technologies, Inc., the leading designer and manufacturer of antennas and power products for wireless communications, announced the Waterproof Internal MercuryTM antenna for automotive communications systems. The tri-band antenna, which enhances in-vehicle cellular phone performance and provides a GPS tracking capability, offers an ideal solution for automotive manufacturers searching for a versatile, stealth antenna that will withstand any type of extreme environmental condition.

The Waterproof Internal Mercury, supporting PCS, AMPS and GPS frequency bands, is designed for telematics systems that enable fleet management, asset tracking and anti-theft applications. With a ruggedized, durable housing, the Waterproof Internal Mercury has a long lifespan and can be easily transferred between vehicles. The antenna's small size and stealth mounting prevents allows it to remain undetected, making it ideal for mobile asset tracking and other security applications. Housed in a hermetically sealed, 100% waterproof randome, the Waterproof Internal Mercury can be mounted within the vehicle's dashboard, rear shelf, outside wheel wells, or below any other non-metallic surface.

"For over 25 years, Centurion has been recognized in the industry as producing the most durable, rugged antennas for mobile communications, starting with our original Tuf Duck antenna for Land Mobile Radios," said Monty Rohde, Vice President of Engineering for Centurion. "As we further penetrate the telematics market, the Waterproof Internal Mercury continues this tradition by being able to withstand the most adverse of conditions, from wind-driven rain to engine solvents."

Mobile tracking and security applications are often utilized in industrial or long haul transportation environments that have the potential to damage electronic systems or components. The Waterproof Internal Mercury is designed to resist the most extreme vehicle and environmental conditions. It can withstand severe wind and rain conditions, as well as salt, fog and corrosive atmospheres. The antenna can also endure washer solvents, gasoline and engine coolant. In addition to operating in a temperature of -40 to 70 degrees Celsius and a storage temperature of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius, the Waterproof Internal Mercury can operate in up to 95% RH humidity at 65 degrees Celsius.

The Waterproof Internal Mercury supports AMPS 824-896 MHz, PCS 1850-1990 MHz, and GPS 1575.42 MHz frequency bands. It features a 3 dBi nominal gain and linear polarization for AMPS and PCS, and a 30 dBi gain and RHCP polarization for GPS. Available connectors include a TNC Patch Connector, and an SMA GPS Connector.

Centurion holds Quality System Requirements QS9000 certification, validating that all of its antennas for telematics have been judged by the automotive industry to be the highest quality in design, materials, production and performance. QS9000 is a system of elite quality standards set forth by the automotive industry to qualify internal and external suppliers of components, services and materials. Centurion is one of a select few antenna manufacturers in the world to have received QS9000 certification.

The Waterproof Internal Mercury is now available from Centurion direct or through the company's authorized distributors. For a complete listing, please visit www.centurion.com.

About Centurion Wireless Technologies, Inc.
Centurion is the leading designer and manufacturer of antennas and power products for wireless communications. Industry leading manufacturers of automobiles, mobile phones, handheld devices, PDA's, and professional business radios have relied on the quality and reliability of Centurion's products for 25 years. Centurion offers in-house custom design, tooling, mold fitting and production to provide a complete turnkey solution to fit any customer-specific need. With seven design centers around the globe, Centurion has one of the largest and most talented R&D teams in the industry.

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