Ashling Develops Prototyping Kit for Philips Smart Card Microcontrollers

5/12/2003 - Ashling Microsystems, specialist supplier of microprocessor development systems and software quality assurance tools, has developed a run-time control emulator and prototyping kit for Philips Semiconductors SmartMX derivatives.

The development of applications and operating systems for Smart Card microcontrollers can involve substantial amounts of software. Before the ROM code for a Smart Card design is finally diffused in silicon, it is wise to test the code in its target application using a prototype. The Enhanced Prototyping Kit for Smart Cards, EPKSC-SmartMX, provides users with essential run-time debug and stand-alone device emulation for the Philips SmartMX 8-bit Smart Card Family.

Used with PathFinder, Ashling's flagship source level debugger, the EPKSC offers the designer the facility to download to the EPKSC via the PC's USB or serial port. The EPKSC supports run-time control (go/step/halt); complete RAM, SFR, EEPROM and Flash read, write and display capabilities; symbolic variable display and access; and hardware based "break-before-execute" code breakpoints.

In addition, the EPKSC-SmartMX is provided with software drivers allowing operation with the Keil Vision2 debugger.

After using the EPKSC to debug the Smart Card ROM code, the designer can then download the code to the EPKSC-SmartMX and test it in a fully functioning card reader system. The EPKSC will behave like the target Smart Card containing the actual ROM code.

"The EPKSC-SmartMX extends our suite of development tools for SmartMX derivatives and complements our existing Ultra-SmartMX in-circuit emulator," commented Hugh O'Keeffe, Ashling's R&D Director. "The EPKSC offers the designer a low cost, highly versatile, entry level tool that will reduce time to market and development costs."

About Ashling Microsystems
Ashling Microsystems (founded in 1982) is a privately held international Embedded Software Development Tools company. Ashling designs and manufactures In-Circuit Emulators, JTAG/BDM Emulators, Smart Card development tools, Source Debuggers, Integrated Development Environments, Development Boards and Software Quality Assurance tools. Through its close cooperation with leading semiconductor vendors Ashling is now a world leader in the Embedded Software development tools market. Ashling's semiconductor partners include Philips Semiconductors, ARC International, MIPS Technologies, Motorola Semiconductors, NEC, Oki, ARM Ltd. and Infineon Technologies. Ashling's R&D Centre is in Limerick, Ireland. The company's North America Sales and Support Center is in Sunnyvale, California, with sales subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and France and distributors throughout the world. Full details of Ashling's locations and other information are on the company's web site at

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