PrintDreams' Optical Navigation Sensor Not Just a Dream for Mobile Users

5/9/2003 - PrintDreams, the developer of the Random Movement Printing technology RMPT(tm), has announced the release of an extremely accurate optical navigation sensor that at the same time has maximum real time features. This was carried out mainly as a lead to push further PrintDreams' RMPT(tm) technology into a higher level of print quality and performance.

Since PrintDreams is developing a sensor-based-printer, the printout reproduces the accuracy of the optical sensor. Therefore the accuracy of the optical sensor is crucial to perform a print quality acceptable for the human eye.

In a travel distance of few inches, the new navigation sensor generates errors that are even less than the diameter of a human hair. This very high accuracy makes possible to achieve printouts where eventual misalignments caused by the random hand movement, are almost invisible to the human eye.

The sensor called OptoNav is based upon several advanced algorithms running in a powerful digital signal processor. The image input is created by a proprietary optical system that includes lenses, a light source and an off-the-shelf CMOS camera from Agilent Technologies. It is a very small compact construction that runs on battery power.

"The performance of our RMPT(tm) technology is directly dependent on the real time features and accuracy of the sensors used. We searched everywhere, trying to find a sensor that fulfilled our requirements, but without success. That is why we took the decision almost a year ago, to start the development of our own optical sensor and now we ended up with a product whose performance surpasses by far our highest expectations" says Alex Breton, the CTO and founder of PrintDreams.

"With the OptoNav sensor, we will be able to demonstrate very soon extraordinary product concepts of truly mobile printers that prints on any available print media, no matter the format or thickness. It has the potential to become the ultimate `must-haveŽ accessory for all mobile professionals and business travellers around the world" says PrintDreams CEO Jan Erik Hedborg.

This exact positioning technology may find its way into other applications outside the printing industry.

About PrintDreams
PrintDreams Corporation, headquartered in Kista, Sweden, has developed a proprietary printing technology called RMPT(tm) which has broad usage in many applications, from vertical markets, to next generation pocket printers in mobile telecommunications devices and PDAs. PrintDreams has even developed and patented other technologies in connection to the RMPT(tm) such as the Hard-Copy Mobile System (HCMS(tm)) and now the OptoNav Sensor solution. PrintDreams was founded in 2001 and the owners include the Management and the Founder, the insurance company Skandia Liv and Venture Capital company ITbuilder.

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