CSR Sails Off in the Sunset with Bluetooth-enable Yacht

5/7/2003 - CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) announced that it sets sail across the Atlantic in a 41 foot yacht; the 'Honey Wild' to Bluetooth-enable the 'Ocean Office'. The yacht will sail from Palm Beach in Florida to Lagos in Portugal via Bermuda and the Azores whilst maintaining a wireless office for the duration of the trip. The mobile office on board will include a GPS (Global Positioning System), notebook PC with software for navigation and two PDAs; all Bluetooth-enabled by CSR. This will allow the crew to navigate with the PDAs on-deck whilst the notebook pc can stay safely below-deck. A Bluetooth-enabled camera will also be on board, the pictures of which can be viewed alongside the crew's day-to day diary at www.csr.com/oceanoffice.

The yacht is due to set sail from Florida on May 6 before arriving in Bermuda on May 12. The yacht will then depart from Bermuda on May 15th and sail for two weeks across the Atlantic to arrive in the Azores for May 21. The final leg of the journey, from June 6 to June 13, will see the yacht sail to Portugal. For each leg of the trip, the yacht will be rigged up with an array of Bluetooth devices that will enable the crew to transmit to the website from anywhere in the world.

The web site will detail a day-to-day dairy of events in addition to a photo diary. The crew will be online for web chats on their rest periods and will answer any questions that viewers might have. A progress map will also be updated, so viewers can keep track of the Honey Wild’s position.

Alan Woolhouse, vice president communications, CSR, commented, "In addition to Bluetooth-enabling millions of everyday devices from mobile headsets to notebook PCs, we are excited at the prospect of Bluetooth-enabling such a daring project as the Ocean Office yacht. It gives CSR the opportunity of confirming Bluetooth’s maturity under such demanding conditions as well as illustrating the wide variety of uses that BlueCore can facilitate."

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