NMS' Access Gateway Reduces Carrier Cost for Radio Access Networks

5/6/2003 - NMS Communications (Nasdaq: NMSS), trusted supplier of communications products and services, has introduced a new access gateway that dramatically lowers carrier network operating expenses by reducing the number of radio access network leased lines through advanced optimization techniques. Targeted at telecommunications operators and equipment vendors, NMS' AccessGate 500TM reduces network operating costs in today's TDMA and GSM networks, while decreasing installation and operating expenses in the 3G networks that are being deployed to carry tomorrow's services. Radio access network backhaul expense, estimated to be more than $20B worldwide in 2004, typically represents 20-30 percent of total network operating costs, so the benefit that AccessGate 500 delivers is immediate and substantial. At the same time, the new access gateway preserves call quality with less than 10ms maximum end-to-end latency.

NMS AccessGate 500 works in conjunction with existing radio access and mobile switching office (MSO) equipment. The gateway uses aggregation and NMS' breakthrough bandwidth reduction techniques that maximize network utilization and reduce leased line costs by as much as a 2:1 ratio.

"Operators today have significant challenges staying profitable in a challenging economy while cost-effectively rolling out new networks and next generation services. Our NMS AccessGate 500 allows operators to take action now to reduce operating costs in a meaningful way, and continue to realize substantial savings as they migrate their networks to 3G," said Jacob Guedalia, vice president and general manager, NMS' Network Infrastructure business.

By reducing the number of leased line connections from the base station to the MSO, operators can eliminate a significant portion of operating costs, with a positive impact on profitability. The NMS AccessGate 500 consists of gateways installed at the MSO that are connected to gateways deployed in the cell sites. The device applies NMS' breakthrough bandwidth reduction techniques, as well as aggregating, multiplexing, and compressing mobile traffic on a common backhaul to and from multiple cell site services and the NMS access gateway at the MSO. AccessGate 500 goes beyond current groomer technologies to recover inactive bandwidth at the subchannel level through intelligent processing of network traffic. When new 3G services are installed at the cell site, the NMS AccessGate 500 supports this new traffic without additional dedicated backhaul, delaying the need for additional T1/E1 lines.

"Backhaul and leased lines have always been a concern for wireless players, and the anticipated growth in wireless data is likely to exacerbate the issue. Under the circumstances, any technological solution like NMS' AccessGate solution that aims to reduce this operational expense for mobile operators should be well received by them," said Shiv Bakhshi, IDC's research manager for Wireless and Mobile Network Infrastructure.

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