XEMICS Sensing Machine Powers Digisensor Smart Compass Altimeter Module

5/6/2003 - Digisensor's smart altimeter module is a total solution for all high end compass altimeter watches or other handheld devices. The small size of the module (10 x 10 x 6 mm) enables easy integration in all watch applications. This new high resolution smart altimeter module MDS-02-0010 with interface for 2D electronic compass will be demonstrated during SENSOR in Nuremberg, 13-15 May 2003. The SMD module including a piezoresistive pressure sensor, high performance, uses a low power 8 bits MCU with internal 16+10 bits ZoomingADCTM from XEMICS' range of Sensing and Radio Machines.

With its integrated firmware and calibrated pressure sensor, this device supplies a designer with the processed temperature, atmospheric pressure, altitude, electronic compass heading and battery level information. This high integration level facilitates easy access to sensor technology without the need for any background experience in it. The low power, low voltage smart altimeter module is easily interfaced.

A resolution of 0.5 m or 0.05 mbar for an altimeter and a barometer is available. The thermometer has a resolution of 0.1 degC. All information like atmospheric pressure, altitude, temperature, compass heading can be accessed by the optimized host MCU through its synchronous serial interface. A proprietary compensation algorithm for ferrous perturbances is implemented in the compass firmware. The compass has a resolution of 1 degree. Higher resolution is available on request.

This module is available now and can be used with all existing magnetoresistive sensors for example those from Honeywell, Philips and Sensitec. Available from Digisensor now, for US$ 10.00 / pce (quantity 1K pieces) without magnetoresistive sensors.

ABOUT Digisensor
Digisensor develops, produces and distributes a large range of sensor products for the worldwide consumer and industrial markets, specializing in design-manufacture of sensors of all kinds with Swiss technology and know-how. The product range includes watch and sensor modules as well as sensor packaging. Digisensor offers the best solutions to make final products with the shortest delay. In this way, clients have the ability to develop your desired products without the time and expense of research. Digisensor's R&D group will do it! Another advantage is our competitive pricing due to the labor cost of our well-trained engineers in Vietnam.www.digisensor-co-ltd.com

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