Objective Interface Systems Launches ORBexpress ST for Java

5/5/2003 - Objective Interface Systems, Inc., a leader in high performance, embedded, and real-time communications software, announced the beta release of ORBexpress ST for Java. ORBexpress for Java augments the highly successful ORBexpress CORBA ORBs supporting C++ and Ada 95.

Based on the OMG standard CORBA technology, ORBexpress provides developers with a fast, full-featured, alternative to proprietary, in-house, middleware coded directly on top of sockets. ORBexpress for Java is a unique blending of the proven, 4th generation ORBexpress CORBA ORB architecture and a pure Java implementation. The ORBexpress architecture is reliable, predictable, fast and lean, while at the same time providing a heterogeneous, interoperable, environment for CORBA developers.

"The low latencies achieved by implementing the ORBexpress architecture in pure Java beat our initial expectations," said Bill Beckwith, Chief Technology Officer of Objective Interface. "The ORB can send a small data two-way CORBA call in less than 180Ás on a 800MHz Pentium-III. Sun's JDK ORB takes over 1100Ás to do the same task. Using Java sockets directly without CORBA takes 120Ás. This means ORBexpress is adding 1/16th of the overhead of Sun's JDK ORB. In fact, the speed of ORBexpress for Java is comparable to other vendor's C++ ORB products," he said.

ORBexpress for Java augments ORBexpress for C++ or Ada in the developer's tool kit. Many real-time and embedded developers now use Java to easily develop client side GUIs. CORBA is the natural means for connecting these applications to the embedded and real-time back ends.

"Existing users of ORBexpress have been telling us of their increasing use of the Java programming language," added Brad Balfour, ORBexpress Product Manger. "They've been asking us for an ORB with all the characteristics of ORBexpress that also supports the Java language." "This initial release will surprise many developers who aren't already familiar with ORBexpress; they don't expect Java to perform this well."

Another advantage is that ORBexpress is an interoperable set of heterogeneous tools from one single vendor. All three ORBs have been tested to ensure that they work well together. Software developers need only contact one organization for tech support regardless of which language they are using. Mixed development teams will find that they benefit from having one support group that can work with both sides of their application.

The initial beta period is expected to last through the Summer of 2003. Platforms available at this time include JVMs on Solaris, Windows and Linux.

More information can be obtained by contacting sales@ois.com or visiting our website at http://www.orbexpress.com/java

About Objective Interface
Objective Interface is the worldwide leader of embedded and real-time middleware solutions. The company provides CORBA-based development tools to meet the high-performance needs for carrier-grade telecommunications, data communications, industrial automation, consumer electronics, military and aerospace markets. The products, sold worldwide, are used in a variety of real-time and embedded applications including telecommunication switches, network management, vehicle control systems, nuclear fusion ignition facilities and more.

Working with strategic partners, Objective Interface provides customers with access to a complete network of application products uniquely suited to the design of real-time and embedded systems. Since 1997, the company's premier product, ORBexpress, has been used for the creation of reliable, complex real-time and embedded applications, and is the only Object Request Broker (ORB) combining high-speed performance with extreme reliability. For more information on Objective Interface products, please visit their website at www.ois.com, call 1-800-800-OIS7, or email inquiries to info@ois.com.

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