Xiran Granted Patent for DirectPath Architecture to Offload Server

5/2/2003 - Xiran, a division of SimpleTech focused on developing content delivery acceleration solutions, announced that it was granted a United States patent US 6,535,518 B1 titled System for Bypassing a Server to Achieve Higher Throughput Between Data Network and Data Storage System, a universal solution for accelerating content delivery between network and storage.

"Xiran's DirectPath patent represents a paradigm shift for streaming media, VOD (video-on-demand) and networked storage applications, by offering a new economical, scalable and flexible solution for moving large amounts of data between storage and network at wire speed, as well as responding to large numbers of users simultaneously requesting I/O services," said Vahid Ordoubadian, vice president of engineering for Xiran. "The DirectPath architecture accelerates and offloads network TCP/IP protocols, as well as dramatically increases storage I/O throughputs, resulting in significant improvements in server performance, by offering an end-to-end direct path between network and storage at Gigabit per second speed."

The DirectPath patent enables Xiran to bring to the streaming media, VOD and storage markets its unique architectural advantage, which defines a direct content delivery path between the network and storage interfaces of servers, as well as network storage devices connected to LAN/SAN networks.

"This patent validates Xiran's advanced intellectual property regarding the most efficient and effective method for separating the control and data planes within server and storage systems," Ordoubadian explained. "The implementation of our DirectPath architecture is like having a very large pipe attached directly to the network port on one end and storage at the other end, enabling large amounts of data to easily and quickly flow between them, while the host server manages the control functions."

Xiran's DirectPath architecture is now implemented in the company's DPE (Direct Path Engine) system ASIC, which is embedded in its STM-1000 server and DPA-1300 card level products.

"Xiran's DirectPath architecture redefines the equation for cost-effectively delivering streaming media and VOD, while dramatically increasing the number of streams possible, and also provides seamless access to iSCSI storage at Gigabit speeds, offering a high-performance alternative to traditional SAN networking, which demonstrates the commercial value of our patents," Ordoubadian said.

"We believe this patent validates the breakthrough embodied by our DirectPath architecture," said Tom Beaver, general manager and senior vice president of Xiran. "We have recently released the first products based on this patent -- the DirectPath STM-1000 family of servers aimed at streaming media delivery applications and the DPA-1300 accelerator cards for bridge applications in the NAS world. We are excited about the market response to both. In fact, DirectPath STM-1000 servers received the AIM (Award for Innovation in Media) for Content Delivery at the National Association of Broadcasters conference and exhibit held earlier this month in Las Vegas."

About Xiran
Xiran, a division of SimpleTech (Nasdaq: STEC), is a technology leader in developing advanced solutions for accelerating content delivery by servers between storage and networks at wire speeds. Located in Irvine, California, the company combines proprietary hardware, firmware and software to implement its DirectPath family of products and systems. These are aimed at improving Serverwidth and performance in several high growth markets ranging from streaming media and video-on-demand to emerging enterprise applications involving storage area networks. For more information, visit the company's website at www.xiran.com

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