Nohau Supports IEEE501 Nexus Level 3 on STMicroelectronics Super10 Chip

5/2/2003 - Nohau Corporation, a maker of development tools for embedded systems, announced it supports full implementation of IEEE501 ("Nexus") Level 3 on the STMicroelectronics Super10 Chip.

"Nexus Level 3" means that basic JTAG control as well as tracing of program execution and data read/write trace is supported. The Trace Buffer is up to 512k deep. There is also a GigaTrace option for many gigaframes of trace.

Other significant features include correlation of read/write data with the reconstructed instructions, support for Complex Watchpoints, and ability to read and write to target memory and registers even while the chip is running.

Nohau's tool also allows for "Hot Plug", connecting the tool to the target without disturbing the status of the target while it is running.

"The IEEE5001 (Nexus) standard attempts to minimize the amount of silicon and pins needed to bring out useful debug information at high speed in today's highly integrated chips," said Olle Hallengren, President of Nohau Corporation. "Nohau is pleased to offer tools that take advantage of the Nexus standard."

Nohau provides the tools for engineers of embedded systems to complete their development projects in an efficient and economical way. Nohau Corporation, headquartered in Campbell, California, is a market leader in development tools, providing support for the major microcontroller manufacturers. Nohau's forty worldwide distributors provide sales and service to over 15,000 direct customers. See Nohau's web site at for more information.

The Nexus 5001TM Forum, formerly known as the Global Embedded Processor Debug Interface Standard Consortium, was formed in April 1998 to define and develop a much-needed embedded processor debug interface standard for embedded control applications.

In September 1999, the group chose the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO) for its unique forum and support services to facilitate its efforts to advance the development, marketing, validation, and implementation initiatives in support of IEEE-ISTO 5001TM-1999.

IEEE-ISTO 5001TM - 1999, The Nexus 5001TM Forum Standard for a Global Embedded Processor Debug Interface is an open industry standard that provides a general-purpose interface for the software development and debug of embedded processors.

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