Maxwell Launches Highest Performance Space-Qualified Volatile Memory

5/2/2003 - Maxwell Technologies, Inc. announced the release of its newest memory product, a 256Mb Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) – the highest performance memory component available to the space market. This is the first space-qualified and radiation characterized SDRAM that is not repackaged plastic components, but rather packaged bare die.

“This new SDRAM is another first-in-the-market for Maxwell, and another superior component for space that utilizes the latest technology in volatile memory,” stated Rich Balanson, President and CEO of Maxwell Technologies. “It makes possible a significant increase in speed and density – opening market opportunities for the company in high-performance memory solutions. This new SDRAM also represents the latest in a line of advanced components offered to the space community which are being created from a product strategy of guaranteed performance, guaranteed radiation tolerance, and guaranteed life-of-the-application availability.”

SDRAM represents the latest technology in volatile memory. SDRAM has evolved from the limitations of conventional DRAM by incorporating a high-speed interface. Maxwell’s SDRAM is designed for high-speed, high-volume memory-intensive processing applications, such as image processing and broadband data transfer. Features include: the first and only die-based solution; 256Mb of memory organized as 4-Megs x 16-bits x 4-banks; 68-pin RAD-PAK® package; and multiple power modes that allow low power operation. Access speed of the component is 100MHz - the fastest available for the space industry.

“SDRAM also represents the latest in commercial technology, and Maxwell has developed a die-based product that provides complete wafer-lot traceability, as well as unparalleled memory performance and density to the space market,” stated Chad Thibodeau, Product Manager for Maxwell’s Microelectronics product line. “We have performed extensive characterization on both the radiation and electrical performance for our SDRAM product to qualify its application for space environments and facilitate its adoption as the most advanced memory solution.”

Comprehensive testing for both radiation and electrical performance has verified that error detection and correction will play a significant role in the successful deployment of SDRAM in space. Through its radiation characterization and proposed mitigation techniques, Maxwell will be providing not just a component for the space market, but rather a solution to address the need for more advanced memory. Maxwell’s 256Mb SDRAM represents the initial offering in an evolving line of state-of-the-art memory components for space.

Maxwell sells reliability. We develop, manufacture and market electronic components and systems that perform reliably for the life of the end products into which they are integrated. Our power products address applications in transportation, telecommunications, consumer and industrial electronics, electric utility infrastructure and medical imaging. Our microelectronic products primarily address applications in aerospace. Our power product lines are comprised of ultracapacitors, high voltage capacitors, and custom power and energy storage systems. Our microelectronic product lines are comprised of radiation-shielded power modules, memory modules, and single board computers. We also design and sell automated winding equipment used to manufacture metalized film capacitors and lithium batteries.

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