BorderWare, DeepNines, Sourcefire Rolls Out Sun-based Security Appliances

4/30/2003 - BorderWare, DeepNines, and Sourcefire announced the availability of three new security appliances based on the Sun platform. Following the momentum built by Sun's recent security announcements with premier partners, such as Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP) and Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC), this community of appliances will address additional email security and intrusion management concerns while reducing costs of deploying security within the enterprise.

"These pre-tested and configured appliances demonstrate our commitment to resolve complex problems for customers while reducing their cost," said Manish Bhuptani, director, Market Development at Sun Microsystems, Inc. "These out-of-the-box security solutions meet security needs for ease of deployment, price-performance and lower total cost of ownership for large and small enterprises."

Sun and its iForce partners are working together to provide an ecosystem of standards-based security appliances that will meet the growing demand for integrated solutions. Sun's vision of a security appliance combines best-in-class software, a hardened operating system that is pre-installed, pre-tested and optimized with appropriate drivers and network interface cards for the Sun platform. The appliance makes it easy for customers to buy a complete integrated solution.

iForce Mail Firewall Appliance, Powered by Sun and Borderware:

"The Borderware spam filtering technology provides a means for us to still receive emails from domains formerly blocked by black hole lists, a welcome step up from traditional Spam blocking methodology!" says Ike Mast, assistant director of IT for The Navigators, Colorado. "Combining Sun and BorderWare provides an appropriate level of function and stability for our environment, reduces Spam and viruses on the network and enables our people to be more productive."

"BorderWare is pleased to partner with Sun to deliver enterprise-class email firewall appliances to protect corporate networks from spam, viruses and the host of attacks against mail systems," said Chris Blask, vice president, Marketing at BorderWare. "By addressing email security at the network edge, the iForce Mail Firewall Appliance, Powered by Sun and BorderWare, becomes a key component of corporate email security strategy and protects companies from productivity loss, bandwidth waste and network downtime."

iForce Intrusion Management Appliance, Powered by Sun and DeepNines:

"Sleuth9 gives the enterprise customer the ability to proactively mitigate attacks and malicious behavior while protecting client and partner web traffic," said Chip Wagner, EVP of Marconi Wireless. "Integrating Sleuth9 with the Sun platform gave us a true out-of-the-box, plug and play security solution."

"By combining a hardened Solaris OS with DeepNines' attack mitigation and anti-virus functionality into a single appliance that sits in front of the router, DeepNines can offer enterprise customers an integrated security platform that runs on SPARC-based servers and provides organizations with multiple layers of protection," said Dan Jackson, president and COO at DeepNines. "DeepNines is pleased to partner with Sun and deliver an integrated solution to protect customers from attacks at all points of the network."

iForce Intrusion Management Appliances, Powered by Sun and Sourcefire:

"The iForce Intrusion Management Appliances combine best of breed detection capabilities with integrated data management to proactively defend against network threats and reduce overall total cost of ownership," said Jennifer Steffens, Director of Marketing, Sourcefire. "We are thrilled to be working with Sun to provide defense in depth solutions for network security and monitoring."

Availability and Support
These security appliances are scheduled to initially be available and supported in North America in summer of 2003. The iForce Appliances will be integrated and distributed by channel distribution partners such as, GE Access, Arrow Electronics' MOCA division and other resellers.

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