DSTI Bundles ProSyst´s Products with ZEUSIA Home Server Product Line

4/30/2003 - ProSyst Software AG and the Korean company Data Storage Technology International (DSTI) have signed a cooperation agreement. DSTI will sell ProSyst technology as part of its ZEUSIA home server product line. Additionally, DSTI will act as distributor and integrator for ProSyst products in Asia, with particular focus on the Korean market. In signing this deal, ProSyst has taken a further step in delivering its embedded Java and OSGi software products to a broad variety of customers in the Asian market.

The OSGi alliance specifies a Java-based service delivery platform that allows service providers, gateway operators, device and car manufacturers to deliver, deploy and manage network-based services in a standardized and cost-effective manner. Thus, software developers are not only empowered to develop the required functionalities in a much shorter timeframe but are also freed up to fully concentrate on their core competencies and business logic.

ProSyst, a leading board member of this alliance, enables the time and cost-effective development, deployment and management of services such as dynamic software updates, remote control, remote diagnostics and maintenance, data exchange and infotainment content. ProSyst's mBedded Server is an open, scalable and modular service platform with many ready-to-use services and software modules. It is ported on various embedded platforms and is available in 3 editions: Smart Home, Automotive Infotainment/Telematics and Mobile Device. It comes with a range of available features such as a lightweight GUI and an embedded browser. In addition, ProSyst offers mPower Remote Manager 2.0. - the powerful back-end system for management and control of gateways as well as "professional services", such as training, on and off-site support and technology transfer and consulting services. ProSyst's customers include Bosch, Bombardier, Deutsche Telekom, Electricité de France, France Telecom, Groeneveld, NTT, Philips, Siemens, Telefónica, Thomson, as well as various automotive OEMs and 1st tier suppliers. Partners include Cisco, Fraunhofer, IBM, Hewlett Packard, SAP, Siemens, Sun, WindRiver and several residential gateway/ STB - vendors.

DSTI draws on an extensive reservoir of experience, technical expertise and commercial success in introducing leading technologies to the Korean market. Its range of competencies include the deployment of products and the execution of customer projects in the fields of network storage, back-up hardware and software, as well as mobile and home networks. With its keen understanding of the needs of Asian companies, DSTI is ideally situated to make the benefits of ProSyst's solutions available to a wider range of clients.

Mr. Hyeong Tae Kim, CEO of DSTI, comments: "OSGi is a very important standard for the Asian market. We see considerable potential and we are happy to work with the market leader in this space. We will always remember the day when we signed the agreement with ProSyst in Cologne as the starting point of a long-term partnership with mutual benefit."

Thomas Hott, CEO of ProSyst Software AG, adds: "DSTI is a company that has significant experience in technology leadership and an excellent knowledge of the Asian market. We are very pleased that DSTI has decided to work exclusively with us."

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