Motorola’s MC9S12C32 MCU Fully Supported by Nohau In-Circuit Emulator

4/29/2003 - Nohau Corporation announced that it offers full-featured emulator support for the MC9S12C32 microcontroller, of the HCS12 family, from Motorola Inc.’s Semiconductor Product Sector. Nohau’s emulator brings sophisticated debugging features to assist users in their development, and getting product to market faster.

The full-featured emulator is designed to support MC9S12C32 operation to bus speeds of 28MHz at both 5V and 3.3V. The use of all the C32 internal features and resources is supported. The emulator is equipped with a special sub-system to regenerate the lost paged-address signals of the C32 at full-speed. When coupled with the emulator’s large emulation RAM, this allows the use of the C32 full-emulator to develop today applications for the future MC9S12 C128, C96 and C64 parts. This represents the most accurate method to develop applications for the future C128, C96 and C64 today, emulating the expected amount and map of internal memory (FLASH and RAM), and all expected peripherals and registers.

The full-featured emulator Emulation RAM can be used to replace the internal FLASH, to allow an easy debug process. Executing from the internal FLASH is also allowed and may be useful for late debug stages. A full CMOS-levels Port Replacement Unit (PRU) operate at both 5V and 3.3V, and is used to recreate ports A, B and E. Support for both paged and non-paged programming model is implemented, and an unlimited number of hardware and software breakpoints are available. A fully non-intrusive 64K Shadow RAM exists to allow viewing memory and SFR variables and structures writes during run-time, and is available to be displayed under all operating conditions. BDM emulator with C32 internal Flash programming and C32 un-securing support is also offered by Nohau, and uses the same GUI as the full-featured emulator. Support for the internal C32 trace will also be included with the full-emulator and BDM-emulator for no additional cost and is expected to be completed in July 2003.

“Nohau is pleased to offer this tool in a timely manner, enhancing Nohau’s support of all HCS12 based derivatives,” said Olle Hallengren, president of Nohau Corporation. “This continues our alliance with Motorola extending the number of supported derivatives for the HCS12 family.”

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