ADS Powers SVGA, XGA Panels with Low-power Consuming Embedded Systems

4/28/2003 - Applied Data Systems (ADS), a leading developer of RISC-based application-ready systems, will be demonstrating an array of panels powered by embedded computers at LinuxWorld. ADS will be demonstrating new eye-catching SVGA and XGA panels including Sharp, Kyocera, NEC, Hitachi and LG which can now be run by ADS' low-power consuming embedded systems.

"With today's dynamic market needs, we are powering the essential link between these sophisticated panels and mobile and wireless applications," said Bob Olsen, CEO of ADS, "We are broadening the panel use from the limits of the desktop/Pentium world."

Battery-powered and portable systems are no longer limited to QCIF, QVGA and VGA. ADS' designs include interfaces to scores of LCD's driven by the StrongARM and XScale. By leveraging several off-the-shelf graphics controllers, ADS provides 24bit color on XGA (1024x1024) screens and dual clock/pixel demanded by newer, higher-end graphic displays. With these graphics accelerator chips, ADS systems display Polygon benchmarks almost ten times as fast as a non-accelerated VGA RISC system.

"Our engineers have made LCD-interfaces SOP (standard operating procedure), and have worked with dozens of LCD providers," said Fred Salloum, ADS Marketing Director. "With our knowledge base and these newly added controllers, the embedded industry takes a giant step expanding the embedded space."

The systems are running on a version of Linux ported from the Open Source community. Other Linux software from RedHat, MontaVista and other companies has been ported to ADS systems.

About Applied Data Systems
Applied Data Systems (ADS) designs and manufactures RISC-based embedded single board computers for application-ready solutions. Featuring numerous OS options, including Windows CE and CE.NET, embedded Linux, VxWorks, QNX and JVM options, the ADS product line is used in applications as diverse as industrial automation, GPS, fleet management, and POS/kiosk. For information, please visit the ADS website at or call 301.490.4007.

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