Virtual Machine Capability on RISC Demonstrated by ADS, Skelmir, Espial

4/28/2003 - Three companies are demonstrating a joint technology designed to shorten time to market and reduce development effort with a pre-integrated software solution at ESC in San Francisco from April 23 - 25, 2003. The demonstration at Applied Data Systems' booth #742 features the Espial Suite for Devices, which includes the Escape embedded browser running on Skelmir's fast, efficient, and market proven CEE-J virtual machine technology. The demo is powered by Applied Data System's Graphics Client Plus, a RISC-based StrongARMTM system, known for its low power-consuming application-ready design. The combined capability of this pre-integrated solution will shorten development cycles by reducing development time from months to weeks.

Applied Data Systems (ADS), a Columbia, Maryland-based company, is a leading developer of "application-ready" Intel StrongARM® and XScale®-based systems, used for powering PDAs, mobile, wireless and Internet-connected portable applications. With its family of proven custom and off-the-shelf embedded systems, ADS specializes in bringing customers products to market quickly and effectively within a few months.

Espial, an Ontario, Canada-based company, provides solutions for developing portable and branded applications with rich user interfaces. "Developers using the Espial Suite are telling us that they can produce compelling end-user applications in a fraction of time, compared with previous designs," said Bob Egner, vice president of global marketing at Espial. "The data is very clear, proving pre-integrated solutions streamline development."

Skelmir LLC, a Somerville, Massachusetts-based company, develops CEE-J. CEE-J is a suite of fast, compact and proven clean room virtual machines for hosting MHP, OSGi, browsers and other Java applications on embedded devices.

"Working with the teams and technologies of both Applied Data Systems and Espial has enabled Skelmir to offer customers tremendous advantages. The robust and easy to use development systems of ADS give CEE-J licensees an excellent platform for quickly creating and deploying to market their applications and devices. Espial's Font Fusion gives CEE-J licensees a superior choice for True Type font rendering," said Shari Agatstein, president of Skelmir.

The Espial Suite for Devices features include:
The Escape browser which is designed for compact display devices yet built with the portable and high performance core that is used in over 90 commercial designs. Espial EspressoTM, a 100% Java, lightweight GUI, which simplifies the creation of customized, graphically rich, Java-based applications and services.

Skelmir's family of CEE-J clean room virtual machines and libraries are available for a wide range of processors, operating systems and embedded virtual machine configurations. Easily ported to new platforms, CEE-J offers advanced graphical capabilities ideal for digital television displays and MHP enabled appliances, onboard navigation systems, Internet appliances, handheld wireless communications and more.

The Graphics Client Plus is one of the most versatile and richly featured RISC-based embedded single board computer systems. The GC+ includes 3 serial ports, CAN, Ethernet and ADSmart IO. For more info, see

About Applied Data Systems
Applied Data Systems (ADS) is a US-based designer and manufacturer of RISC-based application-ready systems used to power mobile, wireless and Internet-connected applications. ADS' family of systems is known for their rich IO and low-power consuming formats. Established in 1985, ADS products have been proven in fleet, defense, retail, telecommunications, and medical device markets. ADS is a Gold-level partner in Microsoft's Windows Embedded Partner program. For more information, contact

About Espial
Espial is the leader in providing embedded software solutions required to deliver interactive programming to TV, wireless, telematics, and other devices. With proven Espial technology, customers reduce risk and time-to-market. Companies including IBM, Intel, Motorola, OnCommand, Philips, and Samsung have selected Espial software, which is working in more than 90 device wins. Founded in 1995, Espial has offices in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Japan. For more information, contact

About Skelmir LLC
Skelmir provides world-class embedded solutions for hosting MHP, OSGi, browsers & other Java applications on a variety of platforms and devices. Skelmir's clean room technology arms customers with the tools necessary for quick and reliable deployment of Java applications and services. Skelmir offers technology backed by a team of experts dedicated to perfecting practical and market ready embedded solutions. Please contact us at or visit us on the Web at

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