Applied Data Systems Showcases Linux-powered Intelligent Vision System

4/28/2003 - Applied Data Systems (ADS), a leading developer of RISC-based application-ready embedded systems, demonstrated a Linux-based "intelligent camera" vision system which has been designed to work in robotics, on a system built largely with Open Source code originally developed by MIT Media Laboratory (

ADS has set up an "intelligent" camera hooked to ADS' RISC-based Bitsy system, showing how a wireless network system solves collaboration and imaging at ADS booth #742 at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco April 23 - 26.

This demo will show how real-time images can be captured and transmitted wirelessly to a separate system. Ultimately, the system is intended to collaborate on a peer-to-peer basis to do object identification and surveillance. This system is based completely on standard, COTS hardware from Applied Data and commodity webcam's.

Within the MIT Media Laboratory, a project known as the Eye Society, use intelligent cameras to solve collaboration and scene-modeling problems through exchange of data, without a central server. The intelligent camera prototypes are built on ADS StrongARM-based Bitsy units running Linux, with Open Source code developed by MIT Media Laboratory. Each system is equipped with a camera with motorized pan/tilt head, IEEE 802.11 wireless networking, and a motor for traveling along an overhead monorail-style track.

This imaging software, available from the Open Source library, can run on most ADS systems.

About Applied Data Systems
Applied Data Systems (ADS) is a designer and manufacturer of RISC-based application-ready systems used to power mobile, wireless and Internet-connected applications. ADS' products are known for their rich IO and low-power consuming formats. Established in 1985, ADS products have been proven in fleet, defense, retail, telecommunications, and medical device markets. For more information, contact:,

About MIT Media Laboratory
The Object-Based Media research section, headed by V. Michael Bove, Jr., explores the creative and technological applications and implications of audio and video communication systems in which intelligent processes "understand" the inputs. For more information, see More details about the Eye Society, can be found at Eye Society Web site.

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