ADS Launches Bitsy-X for Battery-powered Embedded Applications

4/28/2003 - Applied Data Systems (ADS), a leading developer of application-ready embedded systems based in Columbia, Maryland, introduced the Bitsy X, a full-featured single board computer using the Intel PXA255 processor.

The Bitsy-X leverages the Intel PXA255 processor at 400MHz and is compact, (3x5"), robust (USB, 3 serial ports, ADSmartIO), ruggedized (-40to+85degC), and power thrifty (partitioned for optimized power usage). The Bitsy-X is ideal for PDA/handheld, instrumentation, medical monitoring, and in other battery-powered embedded applications. The Bitsy-X includes the Intel PXA255 processor and Intel SA-1111 companion chip with all low-level drivers and stacks complete and ready for market, scalability through "personality" connector boards and power and memory management functionality.

"Applied Data Systems continues to create innovative designs around Intel® XScaleTM technology," said Mark Casey, director of marketing for Intel's PCA Components Group. "The Bitsy-X delivers performance, functionality and lower power for next generation handheld devices."

The hardware, robust device interfaces, OS-port and LCD/touchscreen interface are complete. The stereo voice/sound capability has been proven. An ADSmartIO controller provides a variety of configurable IO options that are readily available to your specific requirements. Additional device interfaces that add to the Bitsy family's robust IO includes USB, RS232/485, SPI, I2C. The Bitsy family provides maximum flexibility through a range of "personality" connector boards that makes the 3 x 5" platform significantly expandable with an unlimited number of IO options including Ethernet, compact flash, 16 bits of data/11 lines of address, or IDE. Systems include schematics for several personality boards, allowing customers to modify to meet their specific requirements.

ADS systems include dynamic power management technologies in our approach to the most efficient battery operated or battery-backed system on the market. ADSmartPower uses a series of techniques, including device partitioning, to minimize battery usage while still maximizing overall performance.

"The Bitsy-X takes full advantage of the Intel PXA255 processor's sophisticated power capabilities and is ideal for the exploding handheld markets, " said Robert Olsen, CEO of Applied Data Systems.

Despite its small size, the Bitsy has a rich array of IO and communication options. The application-ready system has three serial ports (configurable as RS-232, TTL and IRDA), USB master and slave, audio input and amplified stereo output (2.2 W), touchscreen support and an Ethernet daughter board option available. The Bitsy includes 12 digital IO's, four analog inputs and nine additional digital IO's that can be configured as a 4 x 5 keypad.

Bitsy-X has sophisticated high-end graphics, features that are perfect for high function, handheld PDA's and Internet appliances. The system includes backlight control, Vee generation and interfaces to flat panels up to 1024 x 768 pixels. The development systems are in the $3800 range, depending on options, with production units in the $400 range. For more information, contact

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