Saab Utilizes I-Logix Tools for Body Electronics Systems Development

4/28/2003 - I-Logix announced that Saab will utilize Rhapsody, Statemate and Rhapsody in MicroC in an integrated tool chain, providing an advanced model-based development process from requirements to code for the development of Body Electronics systems within their automobiles.

Saab will use Rhapsody to layout the functional system architecture with the Unified Modeling LanguageTM(UML) models. Following this, they will define specification models using Statemate, and then rapid-prototype the system using Rhapsody in MicroC. In addition, Saab is currently working with suppliers to implement automatic code generation through Rhapsody in MicroC as part of their development process. Saab will use this process at both the subsystem level (e.g. power door locking, power windows) and at the system level (complete body system functionality) to ensure system integration is complete and accurate.

"Statemate allows us to validate behavior early in our development process, and Rhapsody in MicroC allows us to generate code for the target processors from the Statemate models," said Klas Lundgren, Body Electronics Manager at Saab. "The Rhapsody in MicroC code is readable and customizable allowing us to tailor the code so it integrates with the other embedded software components in the ECUs. Our engineers are excited about using the tools, and we expect to shorten our development cycles and improve quality because we are communicating through unambiguous models rather than through textual documents. This bodes well for the future," he added.

In addition to laying out the functional architecture of the vehicle, Saab’s body electronics engineers will use Rhapsody’s rich UML modeling environment to define subsystem responsibilities and interactions. In turn, Statemate will be used to model the behavior of each system and subsystem and to validate this behavior through simulation. Saab will also use the Statemate Documentor to automatically generate specification documents from the models. One of the key challenges in Saab’s model-based development process is translating the functional models within Statemate to the physical architecture of the vehicle. Combining Statemate with Rhapsody in MicroC via a specialized deployment tool developed by I-Logix’ partner, DsysD, an embedded systems consultant, enabled Saab to quickly move to target processors from the specification models.

In addition to using the I-Logix integrated tool chain, Saab brought in DsysD to aid in the effective implementation of the development tools. "DsysD was an integral part of our team, working closely with our engineers to refine Saab’s development process," said Klas Lundgren. "DsysD also developed numerous applications to sew Statemate and Rhapsody in MicroC into the Saab process, allowing us to get up and running more quickly. In particular, DsysD solved the problem of deploying the Statemate models into our physical architecture through the development of a mapping tool, and they developed Rhapsody in MicroC code generation templates to tailor the code to our systems. DsysD also helped by creating training courses and modeling guidelines specifically for Saab."

Statemate is a graphical design, simulation, and prototyping tool for the rapid development of complex embedded systems. It enables engineers to graphically capture their system requirements, specifications and designs using a combination of the UML and traditional functional design notations. The graphical models captured in Statemate are simulated on the host computer allowing errors in the requirements and specifications to be discovered early in the process when they are inexpensive to fix. Statemate automatically generates documentation, prototype code, and test vectors, and enables corporate re-use of key systems components.

Rhapsody in MicroC is a visual software design and development environment optimized for micro-controllers. Used either stand-alone or in conjunction with Statemate, software designs are captured graphically and validated up front before anything is built and then, based on user defined parameters, full functional production quality C Code is automatically generated.

Rhapsody is a visual application development platform designed to meet the challenges of real-time embedded software development. It allows real-time embedded system and software engineers to analyze, design, implement, and test UML-based applications graphically. Production-quality code is automatically generated as the design evolves and graphical animation allows design diagrams on the development host to be debugged before testing the software on the target. This capability enables reuse at the design level and compresses the overall development cycle. Rhapsody has an open architecture that enables interfacing to leading requirements traceability, configuration management, and testing tools.

About I-Logix Inc.
Founded in 1987, I-Logix is a venture backed software company that provides solutions for real-time embedded applications development and product life-cycle management. I-Logix solutions significantly compress systems and software development cycles while improving product quality.

These products allow engineers to graphically model the behavior and functionality of their embedded systems, analyze and validate the system, automatically generate production quality code in a variety of languages and manage the enormous amount of information that is generated as a product is designed, developed and marketed. I-Logix uniquely integrates and associates the entire design flow from concept to code across project groups and the enterprise using both conventional and collaborative Web-enabled technology.

I-Logix is a member of the Object Management GroupTM (OMGTM), the Bluetooth SIG, the International Council of Systems Engineers (INCOSE), a founding member of the Embedded Linux Consortium and a co-author of the Unified Modeling LanguageTM (UMLTM). I-Logix is backed by ABS Ventures, One Liberty Ventures, North Bridge Venture Partners, Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Gilde Investments, Phillips Ventures BV, and Needham Capital Partners. The company is headquartered in Andover, Mass., and has sales offices and distributors throughout the USA, Europe, and the Far East. I-Logix can be found on the Internet at

About DsysD Ltd
DsysD (Distributed system Design) is an emerging company that is focused on the embedded systems industry. It specialises in introducing simulation and rapid prototyping into development processes to obtain the advantages modelling tools promise but not always realized. Typically, a modelling or simulation tool is not enough. The models being developed and the data being generated need to be collated, organized, and linked to the requirements, both the functional and the non-functional. In addition, the results of simulations should be compared to the original use cases to ensure that what is being delivered really meets what was wanted. DsysD offers process consulting and custom software development to make this happen and has extensive experience with Statemate and Rhapsody in MicroC. More can be found about DsysD at

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