IBASE Rolls Out Fanless Firewall/VPN Platform with Fast Ethernet Ports

4/28/2003 - IBASE releases the FWA7000, a low-power, fanless Firewall/VPN platform based on the Transmeta Crusoe low-power processor. Designed for enterprise users, it provides four fast Ethernet ports for network security applications.

Highest Performance in Fanless VPN Platforms
The FWA7000 with the Transmeta Crusoe processor provides VPN encryption at 13M bit/sec. This is more than four times the encryption speed from existing network security appliances based on the NS GX1-300 processor with less than 3M bit/sec VPN encryption. And at this level of performance, the FWA7000 is ideal for the 802.11b/11Mbps wireless LAN environment.

Best Performance / Cost Effective
The FWA7000 comes with the Transmeta Crusoe processor running 533MHz or 800MHz and 256KB or 512KB of secondary cache. With performance superseding NS GX1 300MHz processors, Transmeta Crusoe processors feature LongRun power management technology that makes the most efficient use of power by adjusting both processor frequency and voltage in multiple steps based on processor activity and allowing a significant cubic power reduction relative to the drop in frequency. Because of low CPU temperature, the platform does not require any active cooling, but only a passive heatsink - offering much higher reliability and longer life span compared with existing network security platforms.

FWA7000 Features

About IBase Technology
IBASE Technology was set up by a group of experienced engineers who revolve around the IPC arena and talented marketing and management staff sharing the same ideals and goals. As a team, it has gained the respect and support from reputable and established companies that eventually forged strategic partnerships with IBASE. IBase's R&D team is composed hardware and software engineers, 20% with over 14 years and 80% with over 8 years experience in their respective fields. Current product offerings from IBase include various Transmeta Crusoe SBCs, CompactPCI processor boards, MicroPCI SBCs, embedded little boards, industrial motherboards, and barebone systems. Web Site: www.ibase.com.tw, www.sbc.com.tw

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