Leading 3rd Party Vendors Support BittWare's TigerSHARC DSP Systems

4/25/2003 - BittWare, Inc. announced at the Embedded Systems Conference that they have entered into resale agreements with RTOS provider OSE Systems and with IP core supplier QinetiQ. In addition, BittWare announced an agreement with Blue Horizon to support their GEDAE software development environment. BittWare's relationships with these leading 3rd party vendors are noteworthy as they greatly facilitate development efforts on BittWare's TigerSHARC family of DSP boards.

OSEck Real Time Operating System from OSE Systems
BittWare has entered into a Value Added Reseller Agreement with OSE Systems for resale of their OSEck RTOS. The agreement allows BittWare to resell OSEck development seats, OSEck Kernal OEM licenses, and OSEck Kernal run time licenses when bundled with BittWare's TigerSHARC DSP boards or processing subsystems. The combination of BittWare's TigerSHARC systems with OSE's industry-leading real-time operating system (RTOS) results in a joint solution that is ideal for real-time applications in telecommunications, radar, sonar, signal intelligence, medical, and industrial control systems. "With a well deserved reputation for reliability, performance, flexibility, and scalability, OSEck integrated with BittWare's DSP expertise provides an extremely powerful and reliable runtime platform for embedded application development and deployment", said Darren Taylor, VP of Sales and Marketing for BittWare.

QinetiQ's Programmable Digital Radar Receiver IP Core
BittWare has partnered with QinetiQ, Europe's largest science and technology research solutions provider, to integrate a variety of their VHDL based IP Cores for implementation onto the Virtex-II FPGAs on BittWare's TigerSHARC DSP and I/O boards. Under an exclusive VAR agreement, BittWare will offer integrated bitstreams of the IP cores for implementation on their boards. The first bitstream to be made available is the Quixilica® Programmable Digital Radar Receiver (DRx) core. This wideband core will be integrated on the Virtex-II FPGAs that are available on BittWare's TigerSHARC DSP and Barracuda PMC I/O boards.

"The integration of the wideband Quixilica® Programmable Digital Radar Receiver (DRx) core into BittWare's high speed FPGA interfaces gives systems designers a versatile, completed front-end hardware solution, providing a huge jump start in the design of their next generation radar system", commented Ron Huizen, BittWare's VP of Product Development.

GEDAE Multiprocessing Development Environment for BittWare TigerSHARC Boards
BittWare announced plans for support of Blue Horizon's GEDAE software development environment for its TigerSHARC family of DSP boards. GEDAE is a block diagram based software development/productivity tool for complex multiprocessing applications. The versatility of the tool allows it to support all aspects of multiprocessing development including communication, control, signal and data processing, and integration with other systems. Through the use of block diagrams, users specify functionality, and GEDAE implements the application by generating code targeted to BittWare's multiprocessing TigerSHARC hardware.

"GEDAE provides comprehensive support for the implementation of complex applications and can greatly reduce development time", noted Jeff Milrod, BittWare's President. "In addition, the implementations provide outstanding quality and efficiency by building applications with multiple layers of abstraction: board support packages, runtime kernel, static and dynamic schedules, data-flow graphs, and command programs".

About OSE Systems
OSE Systems is the technological leader for real-time operating systems (RTOS) and development tools for distributed and fault-tolerant applications. The company focuses primarily on creating the software to develop and support high-performance, mission-critical applications in the following industries: telecommunications, data communications, wireless devices, avionics and industrial control. OSE Systems is a subsidiary of Enea Group (SAXESS: ENEA). For more information on OSE Systems, please visit: www.ose.com.

About QinetiQ
QinetiQ is a new science and technology powerhouse formed from the major part of DERA, the British Government's elite defence research and development organisation. With an unrivalled track record in applied science and technology, it is poised to become a world leading business solutions provider as the leading Science Consultancy Company. For more information on QinetiQ, please visit: www.qinetiq.com.

About Blue Horizon
Blue Horizon Development Software, Inc. was formed in January 2001 to complete the commercial development of GEDAE. Our mission is to make it easier for customers to develop digital signal processing applications and products. For more information, please visit: www.gedae.com.

About BittWare, Inc.
Founded in 1989, BittWare, Inc. is the leading supplier of SHARC based DSP boards. BittWare exclusively uses Analog Devices' (ADI) SHARC technology to provide standard and application-specific DSP building blocks for high-performance, real-time signal processing applications. Product offerings address OEM needs from prototype-to-production and span a variety of platforms, including PCI, CompactPCI, PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PMC, and standalone. For more information about BittWare and its innovative DSP solutions visit: www.bittware.com.

TigerSHARC is a registered trademark of Analog Devices, Inc. CompactPCI is a registered trademark of PCI Industrial Manufacturers' Group.

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