Advantech Integrates Embedded Windows CE .NET into Residential Gateway

4/25/2003 - Advantech Co. Ltd., delivering hardware and software solutions that empower the e-world, is expanding Residential Gateway support by integrating specific features of Microsoft’s Windows CE .NET version 4.2 embedded operating system. As the home/building automation market continues to expand,system integrators need reliable and high-performance computing platforms that meet both their application needs as well as their business concerns. VoIP features found in Windows CE .NET 4.2 make it easier for Advantech and our customers to integrate IP phone capability into solutions, providing a sample Telephony User Interface for custom dial pads and a VoIP Application Interface Layer with support for SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), an IP-based industry standard. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows CE .NET 4.2 is also included, which is the same version as the mainstream PC, making integration easier with multimedia compatibility with MPEG-1, MPEG-4 and MP3. Windows Media 9 Series codecs provide enhanced compression that better supports streaming video. All these features nicely complement Advantech’s broad line of Kiosk, POI and VoIP services and solutions.

“A Windows Embedded Partner Gold-level member, Advantech is a leader in integrating the VoIP, multimedia and Web-browsing capabilities of Windows CE .NET 4.2 in home automation and Internet appliance solutions,” said Keith White, senior director of the Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group at Microsoft Corp. “Advantech’s support for Windows CE .NET enables OEMs to bring small-footprint connected devices like residential gateways to market more rapidly and cost-effectively.”

Total Connectivity
Making it easier to connect a Windows CE .NET-based product, such as Advantech’s EH-7104 Residential Gateway, to many other business and technical Windows-based platforms that are already firmly established expands Advantech’s potential customer base. Windows CE .NET 4.2 makes it easier to design devices that can connect with enterprise servers. HTML data can be viewed by browsers, allowing for better control and scale across multiple platforms running Windows NT or Windows CE. Plus, the Microsoft Windows CE .NET strategy is leading to more integrated building automation solutions—everything seamlesslyconnected, from enterprise servers, local servers, and PCs, to Internet appliances, handheld devices and PDAs, Web tablets, phones and more.

Meeting Customer Needs
"With the increased support in Windows CE .NET 4.2 for VoIP and built-in Residential Gateway features, Advantech can answer our customers’ needs in the growing e-home and building automation markets now." Says Jeff Chen, Advantech Vice president, Embedded Computing Group. “Developing on Windows CE .NET also lets Advantech get products to market faster by enabling customers to take advantage of thousands of existing software applicationsto customize Advantech products, and by enabling a huge Windows developer pool to use familiar tools to build custom solutions. The advanced, real-time Windows CE .NET helps customers save space while providing end users with powerful, convenient computing tools.

Proven Benefits
“We feel that Windows CE .NET 4.2 continues to help us meet the demands of a fast-growing market,” says Isaac Hsu, product manager in the Embedded Software Solution Division of Advantech. “We believe the benefits of building our products on Windows CE .NET, including a compact OS, rich development tools for faster time to market, and integration with the Microsoft .NET strategy, help align our company with what customers and system integrators are looking for to solve their home automation and Internet appliance needs. And by being a Microsoft Windows Embedded PartnerGold-level member, we gain higher visibility—and more trust from customers—in an extremely competitive marketplace.”

Find Out More Today
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