Green Hills Releases Two Dual-mode IPv4/v6 Internet Protocol Stacks

4/24/2003 - Green Hills Software, Inc., the technology leader in real-time operating systems and software development tools for embedded applications, announced the availability of two dual-mode IPv4/v6 Internet Protocol stacks for the INTEGRITY real-time operating system (RTOS), IPNET and IPLITE. Developed by Green Hills Software's technology partner Interpeak AB, the protocol stacks provide backward compatibility with current IPv4 requirements while overcoming 32-bit address limitations and security shortcomings. This makes it possible to securely connect an almost unlimited number of INTEGRITY-based IP devices to the Internet.

The introduction and availability of Internet-enabled devices has shown tremendous growth recently in markets such as wireless telephony, automotive, medical, industrial controls, and mil/aero. Today's challenge is that most systems need to be connected to the Internet and as a result require unique IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. The current 32-bit standard, IPv4, provides approximately four billion unique IP addresses. The 128-bit technology used by IPv6, by contrast, provides nearly 600 quadrillion IP addresses for every square millimeter on earth.

"Next-generation networked devices will have to contain IPv6 capabilities due to the requirement for new IP addresses," added Johan Fornaeus, CEO of Interpeak AB. "Our dual-mode protocol stack technology, together with the INTEGRITY RTOS and its unique protection features, creates a powerful IPv6 networking solution that is completely royalty-free and ready for the robust communications needs of embedded devices both today and in the future."

"Our customers are developing Internet-enabled devices for a diverse set of product markets," said Dan O'Dowd, Green Hills Software's founder and chief executive officer. "These devices demand a robust, fast and royalty-free RTOS like INTEGRITY, along with a complete, integrated IP protocol solution designed for the future. Soon, IPv6 will be a 'must-have'. With our Interpeak partnership, INTEGRITY developers can start developing products today that will thrive in the expanded Internet environment far into the future."

IPNET provides complete IPv4 and IPv6 networking solutions, supporting multiple network interfaces, NAT, PPP, built-in routing table support and built-in advanced IP Security (IPSec). IPLITE provides a small and compact dual IPv4/v6 protocol stack configurable from 17Kb of memory for embedded systems requiring a small footprint. IPSec is optionally available for IPLITE.

Both stack offerings have additional network applications available such as Telnet, FTP, TFTP, DNS, and DHCP, along with L2TP, LDAPc, NAT, PPPoE, RIPv2, SNTP, Web server and SNMP. Additional security protocols, e.g. Radius, Firewall, SSH, SSL and IKE are also available.

Both IPNET and IPLITE are fully compatible with existing Internet standards, facilitating seamless support for both IPv4 and IPv6. This enables INTEGRITY users to deploy IPv4-compatible systems today that are ready for IPv6, while retaining their investment in development tools, RTOS experience and application interfaces.

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Founded in 1982, Green Hills Software Inc. is the technology leader for real-time operating systems and software development tools for 32- and 64-bit embedded systems. The royalty-free INTEGRITY RTOS, compilers, MULTI and AdaMULTI Integrated Development Environments and Green Hills Probe offer a complete development solution that addresses both deeply embedded and maximum reliability applications. Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom.

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