PLX PCI Devices Smooths Migration to PCI Express Technology

4/24/2003 - Advanced input/output (I/O) interconnect technology from PLX Technology (NASDAQ: PLXT) has become a fixture in server, storage communication, and embedded-control designs. The company's Peripheral Component Interface (PCI)-based silicon products provide essential I/O to a wide array of applications across multiple industries. And with that widespread deployment of PCI, system manufacturers now are in a position to take advantage of the next-generation I/O interconnect: PCI ExpressTM technology. Not only does the PCI Express architecture provide a highly flexible and powerful serial I/O architecture, but system designers and manufacturers can realize significant time and cost savings due to the straightforward migration path from PCI to PCI Express- based designs.

PLX PCI Silicon in Range of Applications; Path to PCI Express
PLX® PCI I/O Accelerator chips are found in a wide range of applications such as storage, video imaging, health care, military and security systems, and communications equipment such as routers, switches, media gateways and base stations. PLX controllers provide high data speeds and flexibility in design, and are supported by an array of PLX development platforms and third-party development tools.

While systems made by PLX partners meet their performance criteria with PLX PCI controllers, many stand to gain from an upgrade to PCI Express in the near future. PCI Express technology was created to provide such systems with a highly flexible I/O architecture using serial, differential, low-voltage signaling to deliver the performance and features necessary for next-generation platforms.

Once system designers determine that they can benefit from the bandwidth and advanced features of PCI Express, they will certainly enjoy one of PCI Express' critical features: ease of migration. Because PCI Express provides complete backward compatibility with the PCI software base, PCI-based designs preserve much of the engineering effort as they are upgraded to the new interconnect.

Prevalence of PCI Sets Stage for Migration to PCI Express
"I/O interconnect is required in virtually every corner of the technology sector, and PCI is the most widely deployed technology to satisfy that need," said Larry Chisvin, vice president of marketing at PLX. "PLX has been both instrumental in helping PCI become a standard and successful in providing designers and manufacturers with advanced PCI silicon and development tools.

"With PCI so prevalent, system designers and manufacturers looking to develop powerful and scalable new products can take advantage of PCI Express technology and its ease of migration. Doing so allows them to leverage existing designs and bring new systems to market far faster than if entirely new designs were used."

PLX has been a champion of PCI and PCI Express technology adoption through its participation in leading industry organizations such as the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG®) and the PCI Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG®). As co-chair of the PICMG 3.4 committee and co-editor of the 3.4 specification, PLX is leading the development and release of the PCI Express on AdvancedTCATM specification. PLX recently announced its broad PCI Express silicon family, based on the PLX BulletTrainTM architecture.

"As a member of technical and communications workgroups within PCI-SIG, PLX has participated in the industry-wide effort to define and refine PCI-SIG specifications, including the new PCI Express architecture," said Tony Pierce, PCI-SIG chairman. "With PLX's history of providing high-speed PCI silicon and tools, PLX will continue to be a key contributor to PCI Express innovation."

"The communications industry increasingly is recognizing that the standards-based approach to system design reduces costs and development timeframes," said Paul Zorfass, senior analyst with IDC/FTI. "The high percentage of manufacturers who already have adopted PCI stand to gain from the certain migration to PCI Express, as a significant part of their investments will be preserved."

PLX has been developing I/O interconnect devices since 1986.

About PLX Technology
PLX Technology, Inc. (, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., USA, is the leading supplier of standard I/O interconnect silicon to the communications, server, storage and embedded-control industries. The PLX solution provides a competitive edge to our customers through an integrated combination of high-performance silicon, hardware and software design tools, and partnerships. These innovative solutions enable our customers to develop equipment with industry-leading performance, scalability and reliability. Furthermore, the combination of PLX product features and supporting infrastructure allow customers to bring their designs to market faster. PLX PCI-based devices are designed into a wide variety of applications across multiple industries.

PLX, the PLX logo and BulletTrain are trademarks of PLX Technology, Inc., which may be registered in some jurisdictions.

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