American Arium Offers I/O Capability via JTAG for MontaVista Linux

4/23/2003 - American Arium, an industry leader in software debug and integration tool development, announced MontaVistaTM Linux® I/O capability for terminal and debug support without serial or network connectivity. Designed for embedded applications without wired communications ports, Arium's flagship SourcePointTM debugger provides ANSI terminal functionality over the target debug communications channel (DCC) - and straight from system reset.

"Linux is being embedded in smaller and smaller devices everyday," said Arium CEO Larry Traylor, "many of them, such as cellular phones and PDAs, do not have serial or ethernet ports. But they do have JTAG ports. We first started using the target DCC when integrating Monitor Mode functionality into SourcePoint for ARM processors as a means to perform JTAG operations without stopping the target. Our efforts there have led us to develop a means to use the DCC for system I/O as well as for debugging.

"We chose to support MontaVista Linux," he continued, "for all the obvious reasons. They are the premier provider for embedded Linux. We're working with MontaVista to ensure a seamless interface between our debug tools and the MontaVista Linux operating system."

Traylor was referring to Arium's partnership with MontaVista Software, Inc. MontaVista Linux is specifically targeted at embedded applications, with support for cross development to key embedded processors, scalable ROM/RAM footprint for resource-constrained environments, real-time performance, options for high availability, and a multitude of other features and capabilities not found in desktop or server Linux distribution.

Currently, SourcePoint supports halt mode kernel debugging together with boot console bring up, using the JTAG interface, on ARM9TM processors. The production version of SourcePoint with full Linux I/O support will be available 3Q03.

American Arium will demo MontaVista Linux I/O 0ver a JTAG at the upcoming Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) April 23-25 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, CA. Arium's booth number is #2226.

About American Arium
American Arium, a privately held corporation, is a supplier of hardware and software development tools for ARM7TM and ARM9 processors, Intel® Xscale™ processors, and TI OMAPTM. The company also supports Intel IA-32 and IA-64 processors. American Arium tools are used worldwide to debug software in embedded applications, BIOS, device drivers, and OS kernels. Additional information can be found at

SourcePoint is a trademark of American Arium. MontaVista is a trademark of MontaVista Software Inc. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Tivolds. ARM7 and ARM9 are trademarks of ARM. Intel is a registered trademark and XScale is a trademark of Intel Corp OMAP is a trademark of Texas Instruments, Inc.

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