XEMICS Offers Extended Voltage Range for XE1202 ISM-band Transceiver

4/23/2003 - Recent improvements in the manufacturing process now enable XEMICS to offer the popular XE1202 ISM-band transceiver with an extended voltage range from 2.4V to 3.6V. This capability assures optimum performance even when operated from a single lithium CR123 cell, which makes the XE1202 ideal for even the most demanding Automated Meter Reading applications.

With an RSSI wake-up time down to 1ms, the XE1202 also minimizes power consumption, as the receiver only remains active when a signal is present for it to receive. This and other innovative power-saving features in the XE1202 such as pattern recognition within the received signal enable battery-powered applications to operate in excess of ten years before the battery requires replacing.

The highly integrated XE1202 is an ultra low power RF transceiver enabling flexible solutions with a minimal number of external components. When configured for low data rates, ultra low power consumption and high reception sensitivity, the XE1202 is cost for performance optimized. Configured for increased data throughput, the XE1202 is ideal for voice over RF consumer applications.

The XE1202 can operate in both European (868MHz - 870MHz) and North American (902MHz - 928MHz) and the 433MHz frequency bands. The programmable on-chip filters allow for dynamic switching between narrow-band and wide-band operations, without any modifications to the external RF front-end design.

The XE1202 can transmit and receive data from as low as 4.8kbps right up to 76.8kbps, RF output power can be programmed up to +15dBm (31.5mW) and the current consumption while in reception mode is 12mA. The on-chip frequency synthesizer ensures that the chip can handle multi-channel as well as frequency hopping spread-spectrum communications.

At prices as low as $2.60 in million pieces quantities, the XE1202 is extremely cost-effective.

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