Combat Robot Powered by Altera to be Introduced at Embedded Conference

4/22/2003 - CycloneBot is a combat robot powered by a Nios® Development Kit, CycloneTM Edition. The robot, which spins at 600-rpm, sports titanium blades that travel over 100 mph on a 220-pound spinning carbon fiber and titanium robot frame. Conceived, designed, and built by CM Robotics who leveraged the power and performance of Altera Corporation's (NASDAQ: ALTR) low-cost Cyclone devices and Nios soft-core processor, the CycloneBot has the ability to induce a translational drift while spinning. Drive control is achieved through a complex system integrating inputs from the driver of the robot, inputs from multiple sensors on board the robot and synchronous control signal outputs to extremely high-power electric motors. CM Robotics has relied heavily on its development partnership with Nuvation and has utilized the power of Cyclone devices and Nios processor technology to overcome the numerous engineering challenges of this unique design. Nuvation is an Altera Certified Design Center (CDC) and Altera Megafunction Partner ProgramSM member.

CM Robotics has a proven track record with their first robot, BravePart, in the combat robotics arena. BravePart, which has never been "knocked out," captured three BattleBots victories in May 2002 against veteran teams and three wins in February 2003 at Steel Conflict, a tournament operating under the "Robot Fighting League." CycloneBot will be the team's new contender and is registered to compete in May at Steel Conflict being held at the RC Expo in Anaheim. CM Robotics is expecting to raise the bar in robotic combat with this latest combat machine.

Developers of the CycloneBot from Nuvation, CM Robotics and Altera will be on hand to demonstrate and entertain questions on Wednesday, April 23rd at 4 p.m. at:

SOPC Solutions: Booth #1226 Technical Presentation: Room 307
Moscone Center, 747 Howard Street
San Francisco, Calif. 94103

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