TimesTen Version 5.0 Features Improved Performance, Scalability, Ease

4/22/2003 - TimesTen, Inc., a provider of real-time event processing software, announced the general availability of version 5.0 of the company's core product, the TimesTen® Real-Time Event Processing System. With this announcement, TimesTen once again raises the bar on infrastructure software designed for real-time event processing with enhancements focused on improving performance, scalability and ease-of-integration into existing systems. This milestone release is a direct response to the expanded deployment of real-time, highly-available services from TimesTen's customer base.

"The need for high performance, real-time infrastructure software is growing, and yet, is remarkably underserved by the current marketplace," said James R. Groff, CEO of TimesTen, Inc. "As all the recent talk about the real-time enterprise underscores, companies are increasingly looking to make their businesses more cost-efficient and agile. TimesTen has spent over five years working closely with organizations in telecom and financial services for which real-time processing is not just a competitive advantage, but a stringent business requirement. Our mature, proven product, plus the expertise we've gained working with more than 170 customers worldwide, positions us well as real-time finds its way into additional markets and into the corporate enterprise," added Groff.

TimesTen Version 5.0—Improved Performance, Scalability & Ease-of-Integration
With TimesTen version 5.0, performance has been improved by focusing on "concurrency"—the ability for multiple users to access and share the same data simultaneously. Traditionally, data managers use "locks" to prevent multiple users from manipulating the same data at the same time as a way to maintain control and minimize human error, often at the expense of performance. Version 5.0 features a new locking model that imposes fewer of these locks, and also eliminates locking delays between readers and writers, dramatically improving concurrency. This required a significant architectural change in the system, yielding more consistent "real-time" responsiveness for all users and increasing the overall performance. In addition, the redesigned locking model provides a better foundation for future performance improvements.

Applications using version 5.0 will be able to utilize larger multi-processor systems and thus handle a greater volume of business events. Compared to earlier releases of TimesTen, version 5.0 is able to increase peak throughput up to 100 percent by utilizing twice the CPUs as the previous release allowed. This scalability improvement was achieved through internal improvements that are completely transparent to applications. Specific enhancements in version 5.0 include:

"With version 5.0, TimesTen continues to combine the best attributes of custom-built and commercial alternatives," said Gary Barnett, executive vice president, products & CTO, Aspect Communications. "Specifically, TimesTen delivers the real-time performance of a custom solution with the ease of development advantages of standards-based products and far less administrative overhead. Applications built on TimesTen have the power to differentiate at a price/performance ratio that is quite compelling," added Barnett.

Tighter Integration with RDBMS—Improved "Oracle Connect" Functionality
Earlier versions of TimesTen have included a built-in set of features called "Oracle Connect," which enable the use of TimesTen as a real-time cache for data permanently stored in an Oracle database. Version 5.0 enhancements to Oracle Connect allow requests to pass transparently to Oracle when an operation cannot be processed from the TimesTen system. In addition, the setup of caching configurations has been simplified by the addition of new system-managed "cache groups" with pre-determined attributes. Oracle Connect supports system-managed cache groups for read-only processing and for write-through operations, in addition to the existing user-managed groups.

New Platform Support—Intel® Itanium® 2-Based Servers
Version 5.0 is the first TimesTen release to support servers based on Intel's Itanium® 2 processor, running the Red Hat Linux operating system. The outstanding price-performance of Intel-based servers, coupled with the rapid acceptance of Linux for business-critical applications, has altered the server landscape in the past year. With the 64-bit Itanium 2 processor, applications that use TimesTen can work with much larger amounts of real-time information than with 32-bit microprocessor-based servers.

Availability, Platform Support & Pricing
TimesTen 5.0 is in general availability today and supports all the most popular operating system platforms including Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Red Hat Linux, Microsoft Windows and IBM AIX. Like previous versions of TimesTen, version 5.0 is priced on a per server basis in combination with the data store size of the system.

About the TimesTen Real-Time Event Processing System
The TimesTen Real-Time Event Processing System is infrastructure software that enables very high performance event-processing applications to capture, store, use and distribute information in real-time, while preserving transactional integrity and continuous availability. Although built on a unique internal architecture that's optimized for memory-resident operations, the interfaces to TimesTen are all standards-compliant, delivering superior price/performance, flexibility and carrier-grade availability.

About TimesTen, Inc.
TimesTen provides software for real-time event processing—a fundamental requirement of time-critical applications used by financial services firms and global telecom providers. Systems built with TimesTen inside are instantly responsive, highly reliable, and able to process massive transaction volumes. Cisco, Lehman Brothers, Nokia, and Sprint are among the customers who rely on TimesTen's software and expertise to create a unique advantage in a rapidly changing market. For more information, visit www.timesten.com.

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