Bangkok Skytrain is Hub of Digital Multimedia Advertising Network

4/18/2003 - One of the major challenges facing Thailand’s sky-train operator is to turn its stations into an information hub that can deliver dynamic, decision-influencing messages at the right time to the right groups among the almost 470,000 passengers who use the system daily.

In order to achieve this outcome, VGI Global Media Co, Ltd (VGI). the exclusive advertising agency to Bangkok Transit System (BTS), Tomen Telecom and Fujitsu have recently completed a Plasma Display Digital Multimedia Advertising Network. This network, located on the platforms of all 11 major BTS stations, is the world’s first dynamic digital advertising medium to be located on the platforms of a public mass transportation system.

Fujitsu Systems Business (Thailand) Ltd. as a partner and sub-contractor of Tomen Telecom (Thailand) Ltd. has installed more than 40 Fujitsu plasma display screens in 11 stations. The screens are connected via ADSL and integrated within an Optical Fiber Cable network that provides a unique and evolutionary digital signage system far ahead of today’s traditional advertising and communication media.

The system is fully managed by Fujitsu Australia Software Technology’s unique multimedia broadcasting software – ‘Fujitsu TELentice’ and is deployed across Fujitsu plasma displays, world class PC and networking, audio systems and other hardware components – providing a truly state-of-the-art “Plasma Display Digital Multimedia Advertising Network”.

Fujitsu TELentice is unique technology that revolutionizes on-site communications by treating every localized display device as a unique channel. Messages can be scheduled to display at specific times of the day, on specific screens at specific locations. This flexibility enables VGI to pinpoint targetted messages to specific screens at specific times ensuring maximum return on advertising expenditure.

The award winning Fujitsu TELentice allows the entire scheduling and display process to be centrally managed and operated. Multimedia material is stored and managed centrally before being distributed to the individual broadcast locations, along with daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly play schedules. The material is then distributed to asingle screen at one location, or to literally thousands of individual screens at hundreds of locations. Distributed formats can include MPEG-1, MPEG-2, HTML, Web Sites, Microsoft Powerpoint, Flash, Shockwave and even streaming video files. All material can be displayed on plasma screens, computer monitors, televisions or any other VGA supported device. In short, the impact of one’s message is limited only by the scope of one’s imagination.

Because Fujitsu Plasmavision monitors are flat and include no complicated optics, perfect focus is guaranteed throughout the entire screen. Also, smooth, film-like images are displayed in over 16 million colors so high viewing quality is ensured at large distances and in dim or in ambient light. Fujitsu’s revolutionary display accepts as the latest in video and computer graphics input.

By integrating all hardware, software and professional system-services and support, BTS is able to manage and deliver material with great ease and precision. Dynamic, electronic, multi-media advertising content can be managed from a host building by only one system administrator and it can be distributed to target audiences located at very specific BTS stations at very specific times. The system is designed to target precise demographics over the VGI network so that the right message is delivered to the right audience at the right time.

The target groups for this service are BTS passengers, such as tourists, business travelers, middle-to-upper-income Thai businesspeople, the expatriate community in Bangkok, students and affluent teenagers. The system can also deliver tourist information, weather forecasts, financial information, and BTS train schedules. There are also major benefits for advertisers: third party advertising agencies and brand owners can use the system to advertise and promote their products and services, and all commercial advertising on broadcast TV can be reinforced inside BTS stations by being displayed through Fujitsu Plasma Screens.

About BTS
BTS Skytrain is operated by the Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited and has two major objectives. To help alleviate the chronic traffic congestion problems of Bangkok, and to provide travelers with a fast and more efficient means of transportation within the central business district.

About VGI
VGI Global Media is the exclusive leasing licensor of commercial areas within the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS). VGI Global Media offers full range of advertising media such as light boxes, panels, and plasma screens throughout BTS system, but not limit to inside and around the train body with media stickers. All positioned to be highly visible.

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