Resilience Integrates IP Infusionís ZebOS into VPN/Firewall Appliances

4/18/2003 - Resilience Corporation, provider of Integrated High Availability security solutions, announced it has selected IP Infusion Inc., a provider of intelligent network software for enhanced IP services, to incorporate its sophisticated routing and multicast capabilities into the Resilience DX4000 VPN/Firewall appliance.

By integrating IP Infusionís ZebOS Server Routing Suite software with the Resilience DX4000, enterprise customers will be able to purchase a multi-purpose, high performance security appliance delivering advanced routing functionality on industry-leading Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 Next Generation software. This consolidated routing, firewall and VPN appliance will improve scalability and manageability while significantly reducing hardware and IT costs.

"Today most organizations deploy numerous stand-alone devices to provide firewall protection and dynamic route updates. However, as networks grow larger and more complex, hardware and management costs become prohibitively expensive," stated Steve Mock, vice president of business development, IP Infusion. "We are delighted to join Resilience in providing an all-in-one routing and security device that will reduce capital equipment costs while dramatically simplifying administration and management tasks."

"The DX4000, integrated with the IP Infusion ZebOS Server Routing Suite, seamlessly interoperates with Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1, providing customers with dynamic routing from a single enforcement point. This combined functionality streamlines network configurations and reduces costs associated with managing multiple systems," said Steve DíAlencon, vice president of marketing, Resilience Corporation. "We are excited to welcome IP Infusion as a member of the Resilience Technology Alliance, which was formed to ensure interoperability with the Resilience appliance platform."

The dynamic routing capability of IP Infusionís ZebOS Server Routing Suite will enable the Resilience DX4000 appliance to transparently obtain topology information, discover failed routes, and forward traffic through the optimal path across the network. This multi-purpose appliance will provide a scalable and cost-effective way for organizations to dynamically update the route table information of networking and security devices, load balance traffic between multiple LAN or WAN links, and natively support PIM-SM pass-through across firewalls and IPSec VPN tunnels. The PIM-SM protocol routes multicast packets to selected groups and distributes content efficiently across wide area networks.

About Multicasting and Security
Multicast routing functionality has become a requirement for organizations that need to broadcast high-bandwidth data streams to multiple audiences in a secure networked environment. In financial services for example, a Resilience DX4000 appliance could be used to route a single data feed (such as stock ticker information) through the Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 software and then simultaneously broadcast it to multiple users or subscribers.

About IP Infusion
IP Infusion is a leading provider of intelligent networking software for enhanced IP services. The company's software includes core routing and switching technology that enables equipment vendors, service providers, telecommunications companies and enterprises to rapidly build and provision a broad range of standards-based and value-added IP services. Founded in 1999, IP Infusion has employees in San Jose, California; Cary, North Carolina; Boston, Massachusetts; and Europe. The company has a growing global customer base in the wired and wireless networking markets and has alliances with industry leading network processor (NPU) suppliers. IP Infusion is a member of the Network Processing Forum, Intel® Communications Alliance, and an active participant in the IETF. For more information about the company and its products call 408/794-1500 or visit

About Resilience Corporation
Network security is not effective if it is not available. Resilience delivers Integrated High Availability appliances and solutions for mission critical network security applications. Resilience high performance appliances are designed for enterprise and service provider network environments where availability is essential and security must not be compromised. Resilience appliances and solutions deploy easily, scale simply, and offer among the best price/performance in class.

Resilience partners with Check Point, the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, to deliver one of the worldís fastest Integrated High Availability "Secured by Check Point" VPN-1/FireWall-1 appliances. For more information about Resilience and our UNSTOPPABLE appliances and partners, visit our website at:

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