Shinko Shoji Group Delivers SPIRIT DSP Software to Japanese Market

4/17/2003 - SPIRIT Corp ( ) - the largest software developer for Texas Instruments' DSP platforms in Europe, and Shinko Shoji Group - a Japanese trading company specializing in Electronic Components and services to the manufactures, signed a partnership agreement by which Shinko Shoji is to represent SPIRIT Corp in Japan with a range of communications DSP software for telecom and semiconductor Industries. The agreement is targeted to extend the range of services Shinko-Shoji offers to its DSP chip customers in Japan.

A broad range of DSP software algorithms provided by SPIRIT includes VoIP, speech compression (standard and proprietary vocoders), sophisticated speech processing, telephony signaling, acoustic and line echo cancellers, data & fax modems, GPS software design for Texas Instruments' TMS 320 range of DSPs.

All of these products will be available from Shinko Shoji and provided with extensive support and maintenance.

"SPIRIT is dedicated to providing the best price/performance voice and data solutions for industrial customers," said Andrew Sviridenko, founding CEO of SPIRIT Corp. " Having software algorithms already used by more than 50 companies worldwide and successful track record on Japan market we are pleased to even more facilitate our Japan ties and explore the opportunity of deeper penetration to the local market."

SPIRIT is a rapidly evolving company providing more than 40 high-quality customized DSP software products and with multiple solutions to come. Being selected from over 20 international software companies to develop the firmware for their client-side telephony (CST) solution, SPIRIT licensed to Texas Instruments its 14 telephony DSP algorithms to be ROMed in TI's C54CST chip.

With the branched family of innovative products such as RealDuplex Hands-free solution dedicated to be used in speakerphone and conferencing devices, Advanced Acoustic Echo Canceling + Line Echo Canceling technologies, Automatic Speech Recognition software for modern voice dialing systems, and much more, SPIRIT's communication DSP software is supposed to be of high demand in Telecom OEM area in Japan.

SPIRIT ( is a prominent supplier of high-quality DSP software products, including VoIP, FoIP, speaker ID, speech processing, telephony, GPS, MP3, video compression, and more. SPIRIT's flexible licensing model includes cost efficient product customization to specific clients' needs. SPIRIT communication software works within hardware solutions from clients including Atmel, Furuno, JRC, NEC, Nortel Networks, Panasonic, Samsung, Siemens, Tadiran, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba among others. Since 2001, Texas Instruments is shipping SPIRIT's software bundled with TI C54 CST processor.

About Shinko Shoji Group
Shinko Shoji Group, a 50 years experience company working in Asia as a trading company working in the Electronic Component and services to the manufacturers. Revenues are 1400 M$ and the Company shares are listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange.Novalux ought to expand his sales through 6 subsidiaries in the world, 29 local offices in Asia, 2 in USA, 3 in Europe.

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