Leading Certificate Authorities to be Supported by AEP SureWare Keyper

4/17/2003 - AEP Systems Inc., the high-speed security solutions company, announcedthat AEP SureWare Keyper, the most comprehensive hardware cryptographic module of its class for secure key management, will support leading certificate authority (CA) applications this year including Microsoft, Netscape and RSA. AEP SureWare Keyper currently supports Baltimore Technologies and Entrust.

AEP SureWare Keyper is a network device supporting high-availability and load balancing while providing tamper protection to FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) 140-1 Level 4. The device is aimed at high-security, high-reliability applications, enhancing PKI security in any PKCS#11 or Microsoft CryptoAPI compliant environment including CAs, OCSP Responders and Registration Authorities.

"With the assurance that SureWare Keyper has been evaluated to FIPS 140-1 Level 4 and ITSEC E3, the device provides the highest level of security for your private keys, and is worth considering for any PKI implementation," said technical analyst Bob Walder, NSS Group.

"Customers want higher levels of security and AEP SureWare Keyper delivers FIPS 140-1 Level 4 and ITSEC E3 certification, the highest security standard available on the market," said William Connor, Product Manager at AEP Systems. "By supporting industry leading CAs, far more users will benefit from AEP SureWare Keyper's superior security standard."

"Governments and enterprises require proactive approaches to comprehensive information security in order to help them leverage the Internet. Through AEP SureWare Keyper, customers can extend the value of their Entrust security solutions with a certified security hardware solution," said Ian Curry, Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer, Entrust, upon AEP SureWare Keyper's recent Entrust Ready designation.

AEP SureWare Keyper is currently installed in over 1000 government and commercial sites around the world. With current support for Baltimore Technologies and Entrust and coming support for Microsoft's CA, Netscape and RSA, AEP Systems anticipates a significant increase in the demand for AEP SureWare Keyper.

For more information about AEP Systems' product offerings, visit www.aepsystems.com or email info@aepsystems.com.

About AEP Systems
AEP Systems, the high-speed security solutions company, delivers hardware security and acceleration solutions that are fast and cost-effective to deploy. Customers include financial institutions, government bodies, healthcare organizations, e-tailers and OEMs. Founded in 1998, AEP Systems is privately held and based outside Dublin, Ireland with offices in the UK, USA (Boston and Palo Alto) and Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong and Tokyo).

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