Kane Computing Releases New Megapixel Digital Cameras and Imaging Modules

4/17/2003 - A new range of PixeLINK high resolution CMOS cameras aimed at scientific and industrial markets is now available from Kane Computing. Available in colour and monochrome versions, the PL-A650/660 series of products are based on the latest 1/2" 1.3 megapixel sensors from Kodak. The sensors have a 1280 x 1024 pixel array with square 6-micron pixels.

The PL-A660 series of camera is ideally suited for brightfield microscopy and routine microscopic image documentation. The PL-A650 series of imaging modules is exceptionally flexible and can be incorporated in a wide variety of imaging applications.

Connected to the computer by a FireWire connection, these new products can display real-time digital video and capture still images directly to the computer. No frame grabber is required. Included with each purchase is PixeLINK's software ‘PixeLINK Capture’ providing full control of the camera functions and allowing the user to set the exposure, white balance, gamma and colour saturation or monochrome gain. Images can be captured in BMP, TIFF, JPEG, or raw data formats with the option of incorporating bitmap overlays.

"We are very pleased with the results we have achieved with this new product," says Brigitte Vachon, VP Sales of PixeLINK. "The comments we have received from our customers following advance product tests have been unanimously favourable. They especially appreciate the colour accuracy, high frame rate and ease of use. Everyone is excited with the cameras and we expect rapid market acceptance."

Advanced on-camera processing allows the camera to capture clear sharp images with excellent colour fidelity and reduced levels of fixed pattern noise. The on-board processing includes a continuous auto-exposure feature that allows the camera to operate with rapidly varying lighting levels while maintaining a properly exposed image. Microscope operators, for example, will be able to change objectives and samples without having to reset the exposure each time. The on-board processing can be upgraded on-site over the FireWire interface, allowing additional functionality to be added in the future. Camera updates and upgrades will be available from Kane Computing as they become available.

The PL-A650/660 series products are fully computer controllable and a software development kit compatible with C++ and Visual Basic is available. With this ease of operation, most developers will be able to create custom applications to integrate the PL-A650/660 series products in just a few hours. Kane Computing also provides excellent technical support along with complete technical reference manuals and sample code.

The PixeLINK cameras and imaging modules have a standard C-mount for use with trinocular ports available on many microscopes as well as machine vision and CCTV lenses. The products can also be attached to almost any microscope with a 0.63x or larger video coupler.

It is claimed PixeLINK products provide the best price for performance in the scientific and industrial markets, with similar features and performance to cameras costing between 150% and 250% more.

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