RapidIO Trade Association Welcomes Denali

4/17/2003 - The RapidIO Trade Association and Denali Software, Inc., the leading provider of semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) and electronic design automation (EDA) tools for chip interface design and verification, announced that Denali has become a member of the RapidIO Trade Association and is taking an active role in the definition of the flow control specification. An internationally certified, open-standard thatís available today, RapidIO is the embedded interconnect performance leader for next-generation communications and networking systems applications.

David Lin, vice president of business development, said: "Denali is the industry leader in design and verification solutions for complex chip interfaces. Weíre seeing great interest in RapidIO from our customers who depend on Denali software as they develop and verify advanced embedded systems designs. We look forward to leveraging our infrastructure and enabling RapidIO-based systems for our customers in the near future."

Steve Curtis, RapidIO steering committee representative from IBM Microelectronics and manager of embedded PowerPC standard products, adds: "Participants like Denali Software bring the necessary expertise in interface design and bus functional modeling to the RapidIO Trade Association. Their active involvement can help give designers and vendors further confidence in the system interoperability and growing pervasiveness of RapidIO-based embedded systems."

Sam Fuller, president of the RapidIO Trade Association, said: "Denaliís membership demonstrates the momentum behind RapidIO. Our members are offering now the design tools, silicon, testing, and systems that are enabling profitable, early-to-market, performance-differentiated embedded systems."

The RapidIO parallel and serial interconnect architectures are open standards available for review and download from the RapidIO Trade Associationís website www.rapidio.org. Also available at the website is information on system-enablement tools including RapidIO vendor product lists, synthesizable Verilog cores, analog physical layer cores, logic and protocol analyzers, operating system support, bus functional models, and hardware interoperability platforms.

About Denali Software, Inc.
Denali Software Inc. is the worldís leading provider of EDA tools and Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) solutions for chip interface design, integration, and verification. PureSpec is the most robust interface verification solution for bus protocol interfaces. Denaliís Databahn product provides designers with the highest quality solution for producing memory controller cores for all of the new and emerging DRAM memory technologies. Denaliís MMAV product is the de facto industry standard for modeling and simulating memory during all phases of design and verification. Memory selection, memory controller configuration, and memory system performance analysis are supported through Denaliís online infrastructure at eMemory.com. More than 400 companies worldwide use Denaliís tools, technology, and services to design and verify complex chip interfaces for communication, consumer, and computer products. For more information, please visit Denali at www.denali.com or contact Denali directly at: 650/461-7200, or email: info@denali.com

About Denali Software, Inc.
The RapidIO Trade Association was formed in June 2000 to drive the adoption of open-standard, high-performance interconnect architectures needed for high-performance networking, communications and embedded systems. With more than 50 members worldwide, this non-profit organization is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Membership provides early access to the specifications, the ability to propose changes to the RapidIO standards, and the opportunity to actively participate in the adoption process. A complete list of member companies, as well as education and design tools, are available at the associationís website www.RapidIO.org

The Denali logo, Databahn, eMemory, MMAV, and PureSpec are trademarks of Denali Software, Inc. RapidIO and the RapidIO logo are trademarks and service marks of the RapidIO Trade Association.

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