Advantech Optimizes New cPCI 6U CPU Board for Intel Pentium M

4/16/2003 - Advantech Network Computing Group presents its MIC-3369 cPCI 6U CPU board. The new MIC-3369 has been optimized for the Intel Pentium M processor and Intel E7501 Chipset. It represents the next step in high performance cPCI platforms, delivering compelling performance at 3.2 GB/s bandwidth across the 400 MHz system bus with, and up to 3.2 GB/s of bandwidth across dual high performance DDR Memory channels with max 2GB DDR 200 memory on-board. It also provides 1 MB of On-die L2 Cache, Dual Gigabit Ethernets, and 3.2 GB/s of I/O bandwidth. Advantech is ready, with the currently announced MIC-3369 architecture to meet customer's high performance requirements for both CPUs and I/Os.

"Advantech's new product was created for communications customers who require high performance in a CompactPCI form factor," said Joe Jensen, general manager, Embedded Intel Architecture Division. "By using the Intel Pentium M processor and E7501 chipset on their board, they provide a high performance, low power solution in the small form factor that these applications demand."

This Compact PCI product was developed and produced by Advantech Network Computing Group, who have over 20 years experience designing, manufacturing, and integrating mission-critical systems for Industry. "Advantech has a strong legacy and reputation in Industrial Automation and Embedded Control, as well as extensive expertise designing and developing Compact-PCI cutting edge products for communications applications with Intel Architecture. The Advantech MIC-3369 will position Advantech at the forefront of Embedded, Networking and Communications as a leading provider of Modular Communication Platforms. Advantech puts a lot of effort into the development of next generation PICMG 2.16 and ATCA compliant building blocks for the Communications and Embedded markets and maintains a close working relationship with Intel, allowing Advantech early access to leading processor and chipset technology like the Intel Pentium M processor and the Intel E7501," says Juber Chu, General Manager of Advantech Network Computing Group.

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