Softek to Develop SAN Fabric Management Solution for Sanera Switch

4/16/2003 - SoftekTM, a leading provider of storage management software, announced a partnership has been established with Sanera Systems, Inc., a provider of highly scalable and reliable enterprise storage networking solutions, that will result in Softek SANView storage area network software becoming the first fabric management solution to support Sanera’s new datacenter class, 1.6 terabit/sec switching platform, the DS10000.

Softek SANView software will enable Sanera DS10000 switch users to have one point of control for automatically discovering, monitoring and proactively managing all heterogeneous SAN devices across each DS10000 hosted fabric.

“The Softek enterprise storage management solution excels at SAN fabric management and will enable users to take advantage of our unique features, including dynamic partitioning, for consolidating SAN islands and deploying large-scale enterprise fabrics in a heterogeneous environment” said Patrick Harr, vice president of marketing and business development at Sanera. “Together, Softek SANView and the DS10000 will allow customers to more efficiently manage their storage resources and reduce their management costs.”

“Our partnership with Sanera will enable DS10000 customers to utilize Softek SANView to reduce and cost and complexity of SAN administration, while addressing storage issues before they impact application availability,” said Scott Shimomura, director of product marketing at Softek. “SANView offers more management capabilities, is easy to install and supports the widest range of SAN devices. It also works with our new Softek Storage Manager software to enable users to automatically provision their storage infrastructures.”

Softek SANView will enable Sanera DS10000 users to:

“Merging the industry’s most robust fabric management solution with the industry’s most flexible storage switch will allow Sanera customers to cut administrative time by easing management tasks in a complex SAN environment. Sanera customers can use the Softek SANView solution to resolve issues immediately within either an individual SAN, a partitioned fabric or across the entire SAN fabric,” said Nancy Marrone at Enterprise Storage Group. “Softek SANView’s ease of deployment makes it easy for customers to manage multiple, heterogeneous SANs from a single management console.”

SANView Fabric Management Features for Sanera Switch
Softek SANView will automatically locate all the physical devices – switches, host bus adapters, and storage arrays -- and connections for each partitioned heterogeneous SAN fabric managed by the Sanera switch. Storage administrators will be able to visualize (draw the topology of the SANs up to 1,500 to 2,000 ports including Sanera switches), to monitor and to manage the overall status and performance of each partitioned fabric by easily identifying faulty devices or connections, and correcting them immediately. Additionally, the program will proactively trigger e-mail alerts about potential problems based on user-defined thresholds for that fabric. Collectively, these features enable the SAN to achieve higher availability and greater throughput levels.

The Sanera Systems DS10000, Datacenter-Class Director
The Sanera DS10000 datacenter-class director is the only product that enables enterprises to consolidate SAN islands and integrate intelligent storage utility services on one platform, significantly lowering cost and simplifying SAN management. As the industry’s most scalable, high performance director, with up to 256 non-blocking 2Gbps ports or up to 64 10Gbps ports per chassis, the DS10000 excels at SAN consolidation, large fabric deployment and in-network storage services integration. Its unique dynamic partitioning feature allows enterprises to consolidate SANs into a single system while maintaining the administrative autonomy and security of independent SAN islands. The product provides true “five-nines” (99.999%) availability with full hardware redundancy and non-disruptive code load and activation. The DS10000 includes native multiprotocol support for Fibre Channel, Ethernet/ iSCSI, and FICON.

About Sanera Systems, Inc.
Sanera Systems is setting the standard for datacenter storage networking. Sanera’s intelligent datacenter-class storage networking products uniquely enable datacenters to both consolidate SAN islands and deploy a simple, easy to manage SAN infrastructure across the enterprise. With Sanera, enterprises can significantly lower storage networking costs and dramatically reduce SAN complexity. Founded in August 2000, Sanera is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. Sanera is privately backed by CMEA, Storm Ventures, Enterprise Partners Venture Capital, Greylock Ventures, Acorn Ventures, E*Trade Ventures and Goldman Sachs. More information is available at

About Softek
Softek delivers award-winning automated storage management solutions operating across more vendors and platforms than any other SRM software. With Softek, customers are able to both optimize and simplify the management of complex, multi-vendor storage infrastructures via action-based automated resource management including space management, storage provisioning, data replication, data migration, performance monitoring, service level management, data recovery and backup. The result is better-utilized storage, more productive staffs, and greater application availability. Backed by the financial strength of Fujitsu Limited, Softek is distributed globally and offers 24/7 support to more than 700 customers worldwide.

Softek and Softek Automated Storage are trademarks of Fujitsu Software Technology Corporation. Fujitsu and the Fujitsu logo are registered trademarks of Fujitsu Limited.

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