DuPont Photomasks' Imaging Mask Sets Enable 90nm Production for Cypress

4/16/2003 - DuPont Photomasks, Inc. (NASDAQ: DPMI), announced that Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE: CY) has manufactured its first 90-nanometer production device using a DuPont Photomasks’ ACUITYTM 90 Advanced Imaging Mask Set.

Cypress utilized DuPont Photomasks’ ACUITY 90 Advanced Imaging Mask Set in its 90-nanometer RAM9TM process technology to achieve functional silicon of the world’s highest-density static random access memory (72-Mbit SRAM) device. Cypress customized the ACUITY mask set for production of the SRAM device by first choosing a combination of DuPont Photomasks’ DEFINITYTM Binary Masks and LUMINEXTM Phase Shift Masks in accordance with the lithography requirements needed for each of their mask layers.

“The ACUITY mask set strategy is further proof of DuPont Photomasks’ commitment to being a leading technology innovator, making them a key partner who delivers critical value to Cypress,” said Dr. Shahin Sharifzadeh, vice president of research and development for Cypress Semiconductor Corporation. “The company’s ACUITY mask set allowed us to not only tailor a leading-edge, cost-effective lithography solution, but manufacture our first 90-nanometer device ahead of our competition.”

DuPont Photomasks’ ACUITY Advanced Imaging Mask Set strategy was designed to assist its customers in addressing the increasing challenges of subwavelength lithography. As feature sizes continue to shrink, mask sets supporting different image requirements of semiconductor devices at 130-nanometer and below can vary dramatically, depending on device design, end-use application and the lithography process required. To accommodate this diversity, DuPont Photomasks created ACUITY to balance cycle time, price and process latitude in each layer of the mask set.

“ACUITY is gaining momentum among our customers,” said Peter Kirlin, chairman and chief executive officer of DuPont Photomasks. “Our Advanced Imaging Mask Sets represent robust, all-encompassing technology solutions that are enabling our customers to deliver the world’s most advanced semiconductor devices while achieving faster time-to-market."

DEFINITYTM Binary Masks and LUMINEXTM Phase Shift Masks
DuPont Photomasks produces DEFINITY Binary Masks and LUMINEX Phase Shift Masks by using its new, proprietary processes and technologies. Because the processes are specific to 130-nanometer and 90-nanometer technology nodes, they involve a unique combination of pattern generators and materials, such as chemically-amplified photoresists.

Semiconductor manufacturers use photomasks to optically transfer circuit design patterns onto semiconductor wafers. The line widths of these advanced circuit designs are often smaller than the wavelength of light used to image them onto the wafer. At design rules of 180 nm and below, subwavelength lithography requires advanced photomasks that employ resolution enhancement techniques, such as phase shifting and optical proximity correction (OPC).

About Cypress
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE: CY) is Connecting from Last Mile to First MileTM with high-performance solutions for personal, network access, enterprise, metro switch, and core communications-system applications. Cypress ConnectsTM using wireless, wireline, digital, and optical transmission standards, including USB, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH, Gigabit Ethernet, and DWDM. Leveraging its process and system-level expertise, Cypress makes industry-leading physical layer devices, framers, and network search engines, along with a broad portfolio of high-bandwidth memories, timing technology solutions, and programmable microcontrollers. More information about Cypress is accessible online at

About DuPont Photomasks, Inc.
DuPont Photomasks is a leading global provider of microimaging solutions. The company develops and produces advanced photomasks, a key enabling technology used in the manufacture of semiconductor and other microelectronic devices; pellicles, the protective covers for photomasks; and through its wholly-owned subsidiary BindKey Technologies, Inc., electronic design automation (EDA) software. Headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, DuPont Photomasks operates a global network of manufacturing facilities serving semiconductor makers and other electronics producers around the world. DuPont Photomasks posted worldwide revenues of $342 million in fiscal 2002. Information about the company can be found at

Perfectly FocusedTM, ACUITYTM, DEFINITYTM Binary Masks and LUMINEXTM Phase Shift Masks are trademarks of DuPont Photomasks, Inc. RAM9TM, Connecting from Last Mile to First MileTM, and Cypress ConnectsTM are trademarks of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation.

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