Embedded Developers Benefit from AMIBIOS8 Support of Intel Pentium M

4/15/2003 - AMI is proud to announce that its flagship BIOS software, AMIBIOS8, supports Intel® Architecture reference platforms based on the combination of the Intel® Pentium® M processor and the Intel® E7501 chipset.

The Pentium M processor is targeted at applications requiring high speed and low power. When used in combination with the Intel E7501 chipset, the Intel Pentium M processor is an ideal solution for communications applications. The combination of the Intel Pentium M processor and Intel E7501 chipset is particularly suitable for ultra-dense, bladed communications applications that require:

Compatibility with the Intel Architecture and a rich development environment help communications designers to shorten time-to-market and focus on adding value to their specific, often sophisticated applications.

AMIBIOS8 is specifically designed to give flexibility and to speed time-to-market for embedded developers. AMIBIOS8 modular architecture enables designers to pick and choose the BIOS modules enabling only those functions required by their applications. This minimizes the flash memory required to store the BIOS ROM image. Developers can mix server and mobile features as needed.

AMIBIOS8 provides developers with a graphic development environment, Visual eBIOS, that dramatically simplifies BIOS development. VeB comes with several tools, such as Project Wizard, a built-in text editor and the IRQ Routing Wizard. VeB allows developers to view their project according to their file tree or by BIOS component. The AMIBIOS8 Integrated Debugger provides functionality similar to that of an In-Circuit Emulator at a fraction of the cost. A number of utilities are available to support customers, like LinuxFlash for flashing the BIOS on Linux systems and Multiflash, which upgrades a sequence of nodes on a network.

AMIBIOS8 supports headless operation and IPMI v1.5, specifically targeted to the manageability and high availability of telco servers and embedded boards.

"The features of American Megatrend's AMIBIOS8 provide communications board manufacturers with the modularity they require in their development environments," said Bill Chalmers, engineering director, Embedded Intel Architecture Division. "Including it in our Intel Pentium M processor and Intel E7501 chipset reference products provides customers with the elements they need to bring their end product to market faster."

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