Schneider Electric, Beckhoff Offer Multi-functional Motor Starter

4/15/2003 - Builders of control cabinets have been dreaming about it for a long time: Protection and connection combined within a compact design, without having to give up diversity in terms of settings, plus an integrated fieldbus connection, cost savings, and all this with minimum space requirements. Many products try and meet these requirements. This has now been achieved with the motor starter TeSys® model U from Schneider Electric and the Beckhoff KL8601 communication module.

With the product TeSys model U, Schneider Electric takes a completely new route. The newly designed motor starter is a very compact and flexible solution, which is particularly suitable for users who wish to make modifications up to the last minute. The flexibility, with which this motor circuit can be quickly customised at any time, drastically reduces the commissioning effort and also enables cost savings through the simultaneous design of the mechanical and electrical system. A further highlight of this solution is the integration of the motor starter into the fieldbus world. Here, Schneider Electric relies on Beckhoff's experience and I/O product range.

Open for all fieldbus systems
The motor starter TeSys model U consists of a power base unit with plug-in control devices and communication modules. Via the KL8601 communication module, the TeSys motor starter can be connected directly with the Beckhoff Bus Terminal system. The KL8601 communicates with the higher level automation device via the appropriate Bus Coupler. Users of TeSys modules therefore have the complete fieldbus range available. Like in the Beckhoff Power Terminal system, in which the KL8001 Power Terminal is screwed onto a standard contactor, the motor starter integrates seamlessly into the terminal bus.

The motor starter is integrated into the fieldbus system via the KL8610 adapter terminal and a common, screened RJ 45 cable. The 24 V DC supply of the contactor systems is also transferred via this patch cable. The maximum distance between the KL8610 and the first motor starter module is 5 m, the maximum distance between two starters is 0.5 m. Up to 8 starters can be connected in series.

Minimum inventory management with high availability reduces costs
A glance into the working world of control cabinet and machine construction and engineering shows that Schneider Electric and Beckhoff have consistently followed the market requirements: The integration of TeSys model U into the Beckhoff fieldbus world offers users one of the most comprehensive I/O systems. Optimum solutions for each application can thus be configured.

The KL8601 communication module, the KL8610 adapter terminal and the accessory cables are available from Schneider Electric/Télémécanique ( and Beckhoff. The TeSys motor starters are only available from Schneider Electric, the Bus Terminal system only from Beckhoff.

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